Thursday, November 10, 2016

Random Reviews... Sacrifices: Kingdom of Ara by Nicholas Bella #Review #Giveaway

Author: Nicholas Bella
Book: Sacrifices: Kingdom of Ara Episode Four
Series: New Haven Series #19
Self Published
Publication date: September 29, 2016
Length: 151 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Théoden: It looks as though I have everything I've wanted, well, I do, but I paid a high cost for it. The loss I've suffered will never happen again if I can help it. Right now, my sons are enjoying their night off from their duties. I think after what happened, a little fun and lots of sex is just what we need. Although I'm indulging myself in good times, my eyes are always on the future and what it holds.

Noel: The fact that I almost died isn't lost on me at all. I plan to make the most of my life for as long as I live, and considering that I'm immortal, my future is looking pretty bright. As for my son, Romeo, I'm going to be putting him through a few of my tests. He needs to prove himself not only worthy of the House of Théoden. He needs to prove himself worthy of me. I won't be letting him off easy.

Deacon: It seems that everything that I had been plotting for has completely blown up in my face. Elijah isn't happy with me, but he's my mate, we'll get through this. We have to. I know one thing, in spite of my original plans backfiring... I still see hope.

Josef: The sacrifices I've had to make and still need to make are weighing on me. It's not easy to lose damn near everything that meant something to me in hopes that what I gain will be worth it all. I have to believe that claiming my mate is worth the risk of losing my sons forever. Only time will tell.


This is such an intense series. Each book adds a layer. The characters become more, the plot becomes thicker, and I lose a lot of hair due to stress.

This is absolutely a series you need to read from book one. None of them are standalones so start from the beginning. Main players, well, there’s a lot of MC’s. Kings, Princes, Alphas! All are vital and it’s funny because throughout the whole series they are all trying to destroy each other.

My loyalty is always with Theoden and his boys but I can’t help loving them all and hoping they will work it out…. I’m a hopeless HEA girl. Though I will say the end of this book gave promise to perhaps them all having to work together.

There was a sad element to this story as there is a funeral they are attending and I cried a bit there. It’s hard to say goodbye to a beloved character.

It’s difficult to review these books separately because they are sort of one really long story. Each weaving into the other and they are all vital.

sacrifices  is a fabulous addition to this amazing series.


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