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Random Review: Until Forever Comes by Cardeno. C #Review #Giveaway

Author: Cardeno C. 
Book: Until Forever Comes~ 2nd edition
Series: Mates #2
Publisher: The Romance Authors
Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Length: 204 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


A sensitive wolf shifter and a vicious vampire challenge history, greed, and the very fabric of their beings in order to stay together until forever comes.

Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, Ethan Abbatt is a wolf shifter who can’t shift. Hoping to find an honorable death by joining his pack mates in a vampire attack, Ethan instead learns two things: draining his blood releases his pain and his wolf, and he has a true mate—a vampire named Miguel.

Over four centuries old, strong, powerful, and vicious, Miguel Rodriguez walks through life as a shadow, without happiness or affection. When a young shifter tells Miguel they're true mates, destined to be together, Miguel sends him away. But Ethan is persistent and being with him comes so naturally that Miguel can't resist for long. Their challenge is staying alive so they can be together until forever comes.


Until Forever Comes is book two in Cardeno C’s Mates series and it’s different than just your typical shifter story. Ethan is a shifter who’s been living with pain his whole life, unable to shift. He goes out one night on an impossible mission. One he knows will give him the bliss of death. But that’s of course not how things go and he comes face to face with Miguel, his mate… Oh and he’s a vampire!

It’s obvious, right off the bat, that we are going to face conflict in this story. A great parallel was formed in this book. A shifter loving a vampire and vice versa. Each other’s kinds not totally okay with that. It’s something we see in our own society and I quickly picked that up and found it to be an interesting avenue.

I loved Ethan. He has such a wonderful and refreshing outlook and personality. It’s no wonder vicious, dark, and brooding Miguel can’t resist him for long. Their love is unstoppable and they learn so much from each other. Not just about the lives they’ve lived but they learn about love.
It’s a sweet story with serious sexiness and a lovely HEA!!!


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Saturday Author Spotlight : Zoe Perdita #Interview #Giveaway

Hello all my lovely readers! Saturday is here and that means it's Author Saturday time! Today we have author Zoe Perdita who has written wonderful paranormal series' such as Westside Wolf, Haven City, Russian Wolf, and many more. She's here this fine day to talk with us about how she ticks, to let us take a look at some of her works, and to offer one person an incredible giveaway. So, stick around!

Titan in Chains (Darkvale Series #1)

They call him Titan.

Calder King has it all: a football scholarship at a prestigious university, a guaranteed position as CEO of his family's company (someday) and all the hot co-eds he can handle, but Calder is way more interested in his missing memories and the weird things he can do -- like his super strength and invulnerability. Not to mention the crazy vigilantes terrorizing the city, the ones Calder alone (aka Titan) can handle.

Enter super genius Patrick Black. Not only is he Calder's new college roommate, he's also the ward of the man Calder's family despises. On the surface they should be enemies, but Patrick's the only person who understands what it's like to have the whole world expect stuff from you -- stuff Calder's not sure he can give. Never mind that Patrick is also openly gay and way too hot for his own good. Because Calder is straight, and Patrick doesn't date straight guys.

Patrick Black's whole persona is a carefully controlled lie. By day, he's a studious college student, and by night he's a vigilante exposing the city's dark underbelly as Apprentice. That doesn't mean he can't have a little fun once in a while. Calder King is fun and gorgeous, but he's also as straight as a damn ruler, which takes him off the table. When a mysterious stranger named Titan rescues Patrick one night, sparks fly. If Patrick can’t have Calder, maybe Apprentice can have Titan.

Lust and sex bring these two college roommates together but will their buried secrets tear them apart?

 Rogue Wolf ( Haven City Series #1)

Conner, a rogue wolf and murder detective, isn’t looking for a lover when he moves to Haven City. He wants to solve crimes and keep to himself – unable to trust anyone since his pack betrayed him six years before.

But Seth Alwen, his new partner, is different. He excites the wolf’s animal instincts – waking up the passion Conner buried long ago. Seth’s not only beautiful and alluring; he’s also haunted by the death of his former partner. And despite his better judgment, Conner aches to relieve the man of his guilt.

Seth’s a seer, but ever since his old partner died his powers have been on the fritz.

Enter Conner Sharp, Seth’s sexy and mysterious new partner. While the dark-haired stranger ignites Seth’s desire, he also awakens the seer’s power with every touch. Seth sees their future together – a future rich with lust and danger – but is it a future the enigmatic Conner wants?

As the two men solve a series of murders, their sizzling attraction overflows into the bedroom. Is the overwhelming passion just a fling or is it forever?

Sync & Shadows ( Darvale Series #4)

NEW RELEASE Out April 3rd!

Spence Bennett never imagined he’d find someone who would love and accept him for who he was, but all of that changed when he met Hunter Westing. By day, they work to survive in the crime-ridden city of Darkvale. But at night, Spence and Hunter hit the streets as the masked vigilantes: Sync and Orion.

While they’re busy targeting mob bosses and drug deals, another shadow moves through the city—a dangerous man known only as imposter X and Spence promised to help the man in exchange for his life. If he doesn’t follow through, the man will hurt Hunter. Possibly kill him.

Hunter Westing would do anything to protect Spence from Darkvale and his own the violent urges. The only way to relieve them are through their kinky sex-life and bashing in kneecaps of local criminals. But when the man that both threatened and saved Spence’s life calls in a favor, Hunter doesn’t have a choice but to obey.

Can Spence and Hunter free themselves from imposter X’s web of intrigue, or is their love weaker than their enemies lies?


Hey, Zoe, thank you for being here today and agreeing to this mild interrogation. You’ve been on the blog before but this time I get to ask you things! YAY!

What is the very first thing you do when writing a book?

Thanks for having me! I do a minor outline that includes the character’s names, main motivation and the overall plot. I also try to think of a kick ass line to start the book and draw readers in.

What’s the very last thing you do?

Drink a glass a wine and worry what my editor will think.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve gotten a plot bunny?

I’m not sure if it’s that strange, but I get a lot of plot bunnies while hiking. Once, I saw a walking stick in a hole in the middle of a foot bridge and got the idea that if someone pulled it out, they’d summon a wizard who would then have to follow them around because they were bound together. I might do something with that. It sounds fun.

Who are some of you writing inspirations?

Coffee. It fuels everything. Reading historical accounts. There’s a bunch of crazy stuff that happened in the past, and it’s great for plotting and characters. Also snappy dialogue in movies, TV shows or books. That always gets me in the mood to write my own.

You love traveling. Where is your favorite place to go?

There are so many! In the US, probably the Washington coast. It’s so wild and rugged and secluded. For the rest of the world, Tokyo, Japan. It feels like home and the food is great. Plus, there is no way to get bored in Tokyo.

Why shifters? What made you gravitate to them?

I love fantasy and shifters fit into that mold nicely. Plus, I like world building different shifter societies. It’s pretty fun to play around with. And, since most of my characters are a bit morally gray, they work better as shifters since they can get away with more than a normal human could.  

Would you ever collaborate with an author and if so who?

I’m not sure. It sounds fun, but I’ve never thought about it before so I don’t have anyone in mind.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

I’m re-vamping all of my older books with new covers and new ebook files—all 30 of them! I’m also plotting the last Darkvale book because it’s going to be a doozy. All the secrets are revealed and loose ends tied up.

Do you cast your characters or do they take on a unique image in your head?

They’re unique to my head. I’d draw them if I could.

How can your readers follow your work: Twitter, FB, Website etc….

Twitter: @zoeperdita

Fast Fire Questions

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Day or night? Day
Dog or cat? Cat
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Favorite flower? Oriental poppy
Favorite smell? Coffee
Favorite comfort food? Homemade mac & cheese with pepper jack and breadcrumbs on top.
Best movie ever? Hot Fuzz

Thank you so much for being here!


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Big thank you to Zoe for being here today!

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Random Review: Truly Yours: Toby & Dalton by Aria Grace and Chris Mchart #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Aria Grace & Chris McHart
Book: Truly Yours: Toby & Dalton
Publisher: RAWmance Publishing
Publication date: April 12, 2017
Length: 85 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Finding a shifter mate is tough. Dalton is open to love, but the few dates he's been on have been terrible. He's just about to give up on searching for happiness when a young shifter passes by him, providing hope that maybe this time he'll find love.

Toby has been hurt one too many times. He always picks the wrong men and doesn't believe he deserves anything better. When his best friend forces him to check out a shifter matchmaking service, he doesn't have any hope that things could work out for him. Because, why should Dalton be different than the others?

However, fate knows better. And both men might be in for the shock of their lives.


I’m a very diverse reader I will literally read anything and I love all sorts of tropes and genres. In Toby and Dalton’s story by Aria Grace and Chris McHart we are dealing with a shifter Mpreg. I’m a fan of both so I was looking forward to this. Plus I like both writers. Win win.

 And I will say this is a very sweet, short, entertaining read. I loved the dating service that helps shifters find their true mates. I thought Dalton was wonderful and Toby was a darling. Together they were so perfect.

My issue with this book was it was way too fast. I get it was on the long novella side but with that being the case there was far too much going on and therefore it should have been a full-length novel to give all the huge issues their time. The meeting with Dalton and Toby I thought was blossoming into, obviously, a pregnancy. I assumed that was where this story was staying as it was well after the half way mark. Then there was kidnappings, murder, pregnancy, betrayal, shifters separating, and in the end, it left a lot of unanswered questions and plot holes.

Now, that being said I understand this is part of a series and I’m so hoping the mystery of who wants to hurt the Omegas is answered but more importantly the why? And what happened to Jason? We literally never find out. It was just all too rushed. And I found myself whispering, “slow down.”

It is sweet and entertaining but to fully give all the incredible issues their due diligence this needs to be longer and the holes need filling.


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