Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Release Day Review: After the Sunset by Mary Calmes #Review #Giveaway

Author: Mary Calmes
Book: After the Sunset 2nd edition
Series: Timing #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: November 2, 2016
Length: 169 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Two years after riding off into the sunset with ranch owner Rand Holloway, Stefan Joss has made a tentative peace with his new life, teaching at a community college. But the course of true love never does run smooth. Rand wants him home on the ranch; Stef wants an exit strategy in case Rand ever decides to throw him out. Finally, after recognizing how unfair he's being, Stef makes a commitment, and Rand is over the moon.

When Stef gets the chance to prove his devotion, he doesn’t hesitate—despite the risk to his health—and Rand takes the opportunity to show everyone that sometimes life’s best surprises come after the sunset.

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Another absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching cover for the re-release of  After the Sunset by Mary Calmes. And again, this is a well loved, go-to comfort read for me that I've read more times than I can count. Seriously, Rand Holloway and Stefan Joss are everything that is perfect in a couple and I just love them so hard. Stef in all his sarcastic, stubborn, trouble magnet glory and his delightfully growly and sexy and gruff cowboy, Rand. These two take swooning to a whole different level, no lie. After the Sunset is the sequel to Timing and once again we find our guys happily in love, but as is typical for Mary Calmes, nothing is ever too easy. Where would the fun in that be? 

After a call for help from his cousin, Zach, Rand finds himself about to leave his ranch and his partner for a very long four days. This would be bad enough in and of itself, but when a surprise phone call that fate lets Stef answer, Stef finds himself about to leave the ranch as well, all unbeknownst to Rand. You see, there's a rodeo that requires Rand's ranch's, The Red Diamond, participation in order to maintain some very valuable grazing land in south Texas. Since Rand is unavailable, it falls on Stef, who most definitely is NOT a cowboy, to cowboy up and do his part. So he gathers his horse and his beloved dog, Bella, a few of the ranch hands and heads south to the rodeo. Doesn't seem too difficult, right? Sign up, participate in a few events, showcase the ranch, and go home. No big deal. Of course, things never go as planned for Stef and after a fist to the jaw from one of Rand's rivals and a not so pleasant meeting with Rayland and Glenn Holloway (Rand's uncle and cousin) well it seems like this rodeo might just be a bit too much for Stef. A bachelor auction, a bull, and one mean bucking bronco later, not to mention a green with jealousy woman who'd like nothing better than to make Rand her own, and Stef has found himself in quite the mess. 

After the Sunset is typical Mary Calmes. Lots of ridiculous situations, witty and hilarious banter, characters that you can't help but absolutely fall in love with, mixed with super hot sexy times with lots of swoons and sighs to hit you right in the feels. And Rand and Stef will melt your heart for sure. This is a story about love and family and the things you do to protect those you love most. Sure you'll laugh, but you'll also find yourself wiping your eyes just from the love and the emotions. There's a reason this series has SO many people that love it. If you've somehow missed Timing and After the Sunset, make sure you fix that immediately. Everyone needs some Rand and Stef in their life. (Oh and, Glenn is coming, so be ready! I know I can't wait!)


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