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Book Blitz: Relearning the Ropes by DC Juris #Excerpt #Giveaway

Title: Relearning the Ropes
Author: DC Juris
Publisher: Torquere Press
Cover Artist: Kristin Norris
Release Date: 7/6/16
Heat Level: 5
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 10,485 words
Genre: M/M Romance, BDSM, Kink

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Relearning the Ropes Cover


When his good friend Julius dies unexpectedly, Marcus finds himself saddled with a new submissive–Charlie. But Charlie comes with a history, and a whole host of issues and problems that Marcus has never really dealt with. Marcus knows he loves Charlie, and Charlie loves him, but he'll have to set aside his old theories about BDSM and relearn the ropes, so to speak, if he wants to be the Dom Charlie needs him to be. Previously published by Breathless Press.


Marcus rolled over to stare at the clock. 3:25 AM. A month ago, at precisely that moment, his phone had rung. He'd answered it, expecting it to be the only person who ever called him that late, his friend Julius, but instead it was Julius' lawyer. The man apologized for waking Marcus, but Julius was dead -- condolences, of course -- and Julius left the care of his sub, Charlie, to Marcus, and could Marcus please go over to Julius' house and fetch Charlie? At 3:45 AM that morning Marcus went and picked Charlie up, and, for the past month, Charlie slept in the spare bedroom across the hall. Marcus hadn't slept since. Not that he didn't like or want Charlie. He did, on both counts. Loved Charlie, was quite in love with Charlie. But if Marcus had wanted a live-in sub -- which he hadn't, his life was far too busy and complicated, and he was entirely too set in his ways -- he wouldn't have chosen one like Charlie. Charlie was a complex little creature: delicate and high-maintenance. He took everything Marcus knew about how to treat a sub and turned it upside down. He thought back, remembering how, a little over two years ago, Julius had phoned him in the middle of the night, music blaring in the background so loudly that Marcus could barely hear himself speaking, let alone Julius. Julius had gone down to his favorite club, spotted Charlie, and Marcus had ended up loaning him five hundred thousand dollars to buy the battered and bruised sub out of the sex slave ring he'd been held captive in. Charlie had come such a long way since then, learning to live as a sub instead of a slave, and finding a niche in the working world. Marcus didn't want to do anything to set him back. Marcus groaned and flipped over onto his other side, putting the mocking glare of the clock's bright red numbers behind him. Aside from Charlie, Marcus had never dominated a man he'd loved. He had no clue how to reconcile the two. Charlie needed clear boundaries, a clear definition of their relationship, but how was he supposed to define their relationship to Charlie if he couldn't define it to himself? He tried to treat Charlie like any other sub, but the fact of the matter was Charlie wasn't just any other sub. Sold into sexual slavery at fifteen, Charlie had been dragged all across the country before he'd landed in Julius' hands. Marcus was all business when he served as a Dom at Anton's BDSM playhouse, clinical, almost; for most of the men he played with, that was enough -- the domination, the control. But Charlie, Charlie needed more. The only question, was could he give it? He sighed and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to force himself back to sleep.


Torquere Press

Relearning the Ropes Square  

Meet the Author

Romance author, sci-fi fan club Captain, cosplayer, reigning Queen of Monkeyland, and random menace. Yep, we're talking about DC Juris. She’s a cupcake-making, football-watching, rubber-duck-collecting, drag-show loving, full-of-fabulous-with-a-capital-F kinda gal. She's also an ordained minister and an amateur photographer. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband, three dogs, and three cats. When she's not writing, you can find her in her favorite chair watching Star Trek and Supernatural repeats on Netflix, or surfing the web for porn. Er…research. Surfing the web for research. She may speak softly but she lives and loves loudly. Just ask the neighbors. ::wink:: @dcjuris on Instagram and Periscope


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Random Review: Chaos & Hype by Grein Murray #Review #Giveaway

Author: Grein Murray
Book: Chaos & Hype
Self Published
Publication date: June 7, 2016
Length: 168 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Hip hop dancer, Skylar, is excited about a new job he’s gotten for the summer at a theme park near his home. This is his chance to show his family that he can make money doing what he loves. Skylar wasn’t counting on falling for Ryan, the hot, Australian dancer that he is paired up with, but the pull is too strong for him to fight.
Ryan is set to go back home to Australia after the park closes at the end of the summer. He didn’t plan on falling in love with his gorgeous dancing partner, but his heart had other ideas. As he and Skylar get closer, their impending separation starts to affect the both of them. Will they do what it takes to be together?


This was a super sweet first time love romantic story that started with an insta-lust that quickly turned to love. Skylar and Ryan, aka Chaos & Hype, are hip hop dancers at a theme park for the summer. They meet when they are partnered for the summer to dance for the park. What started as a compatibility based in their dancing turned into a connection based on their emotions.

Skylar loves to dance, needs to dance, so much so it is part of who he is. When the music is on and he closes his eyes he can feel it in his soul. What started as a great opportunity for his dancing career has become the place he meets the one boy he can’t turn away from. Even if said boy is only here for the summer from Australia.

Ryan was here in America taking a semester abroad and stayed for a chance at a job dancing which he lives for. When he meets Skylar he already started to falter on his promise to not get romantically involved with anyone while he is here because it would end in disaster. But when he sees Skylar dance and when he realizes the connection they have, that promise is completely forgotten.

I started out really enjoying this love story with a unique set of characters. Their heat was off the charts, their conversations and banter were super cute and fun, they enjoyed much the same things but were different enough that we didn’t get lost on the who is who during the story. Skylar’s friends were there but really didn’t play a super important role to the story at least not as much as their families did.

It was well done story except for the one major flaw, in my opinion. I know that misunderstandings happen in romance and this one was no different. This one was a minor blip on the love radar of Ryan and Skylar but to me the way the author handled the situation didn’t ring true to me. The whole time I was reading this one scene I was totally confused and thinking “what?!?!” because it wasn’t handled how anyone I know would’ve handled it. The way it was written made Ryan look like a complete prick and Skylar a jerk for taking his word for it and taking him back. If the author literally changed two things about this scene I can see where they were going with it but as is, I just can’t. It took me too long to recover from which took me out of the story.

Overall, I do think this was a great super romantic read that was light and fun, plus dancing and Australia. Who can beat that? Give it a try.


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Promotional Post: They Called Him Nightmare by Deja Black #Review ~Guest Post #Giveaway

TITLE: They Called Him Night Mare
RELEASE DATE:   June 1st, 2016                 
AUTHOR(s): Deja Black
PUBLISHING: Dreamspinner Press
LENGTH: 29 pages
CATEGORY/TAG: M/M Paranormal Romance
HEAT LEVEL: 3/5 flames
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Growing up, Kai Bennu was taunted for skin dark as midnight and his otherworldly appearance. They called him Nightmare, but Alec Vasilios, a wealthy and powerful businessman, wants to call Kai his own. Kai’s past has left him with little trust in others and even more reluctance to surrender himself to Alec’s power. With both men harboring supernatural secrets, finding common ground won’t come without sacrifice.


I love short stories because they are perfect when you want to read something but want the satisfaction of the conclusion fairly quickly. 

They Called Him Nightmare was filled with fantasy and romance that is thrust upon you joyfully. Kai is special, gifted, different. Because of that people make fun of him call him nightmare because of his appearance. No one likes him aside from his Mama… Except Alec. Alec knows different, he IS different. And he’s also Kai’s true mate. 

This may have been a short story but it was magical and beautiful and I really enjoyed it.


They never asked him his name. They ran from his shadow. He was alone. Always alone. He was Nightmare.
To me he was everything I wanted. To me, he was beautiful. I needed to run my fingers along his skin, to cherish him. In the heat of the blazing sun, I wanted to taste his sweat. I wanted him beneath me, a part of me, a part of my soul. He didn’t frighten me. He entranced me. He called to me.

Guest Post

My Favorite Book
As a new author, I don’t have that much to choose from in the line of my favorite books. I have two published: one I’m submitting and another I’m in the process of writing. I think of all of these, They Called Him Nightmare is my favorite. I love Kai and Alec, the way they are together. I picture Kai at the height of his power and Alec seeing him, totally blown away. I love the fact that I brought in a little of the place I knew as a child, where I grew up and will probably explore more of that later. It’s my second published work, and it’s a part of me. It’s me growing as a writer.
There will be other books. In fact, I can think of the current one I’m working on. It’s actually a contemporary book, more suspense thriller. But, there are no monsters other than ones that already exist among us for everyone to see. Unlike They Called Him Nightmare, I will be using Scrivener. I’ve already outlined it and have a few chapters knocked out. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to share it with my betas. Then, the world!
Returning to Kai and Alec, I have to say one of my favorite comments from a reader was, “Kai is my book boyfriend.” What more could I want? A reader as well as an author has identified with my character. She even mentioned that she felt Alec was a douche bag at first. Later, she loves him. When a reader can connect with my characters, can see them, it’s the ultimate compliment.
I’m growing daily as a writer, and They Called Him Nightmare is a fantastic example of that growth. There’s the feel of a small town, two vibrant characters and a solid storyline that takes them from their high school years to grown men who are ready for love.
As for me, there are new favorites on the horizon. They just haven’t been written yet.

Author Bio

Deja Black had fantasies of men loving men, men who felt strongly, loved hard, and needed a hero. Then one great day she came across a book and discovered the world of m/m writing, encountered others who shared her obsession as much as she did, and found a world where she could not only be accepted for the lives and loves she envisioned, but she could create them too. So why not? Why not take the stories she would write and throw away as a teenager, grow them, dream them, and make them a reality where she could know her own characters, let them live their story, and make them real for someone else? And she did. Now, with the support of her hubby and some intense time management, she is learning to balance her family of two energetic children and a very needy shitzu at home along with the many students she teaches each and every day with her passion of writing what she loves to read.


Google+: Deja Black
Goodreads: Deja Black


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