Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Random Review... Good Luck by KM Mahoney #Review #Giveaway

Author: KM Mahoney
Book: Good Luck
Series: Putnam County #1
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: November 1, 2016
Length: 200 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


It’s just another normal day for a not-so-normal fairy.

Allegro Romani is a fairy. Literally. Disowned by his family because of his sexual orientation, he’s left the Fae realm for earth. He’s done all right for himself, establishing a small store in a paranormal-friendly town. He’s even made a few friends, despite his awkward social skills. But one day a week, everything goes to hell.

Alli is a Fayte, and they don’t tend to fare very well out of the magic-laden air of their home world. Once a week, their body rebels, and the result? A day full of the worst luck imaginable. For Alli, that day is always Friday. He’s come to dread them and would, in fact, spend every Friday tucked up in bed with the covers over his head if he could. But he’s found out from past experience that it doesn’t help, so now he just grits his teeth and tries to get through Friday without killing himself. Or someone else.

Then, one particular Friday, his bad luck results in something surprisingly good. He meets a gorgeous bear shifter named Michael. And despite seeing him at his worst, Michael isn’t running in the opposite direction. In fact, he’s chasing Alli down with resolve and determination.

Now Alli just has to find a way to keep his bear shifter, get rid of the trouble plaguing him, and figure out who wants him out of Putman County for good. It’s enough to make any sane fairy run for the hills. Fortunately, Alli has never been accused of being particularly sane. And with his new bear at his side? Alli is determined to hang onto his new life. Bad luck or no bad luck.

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I really just want to thank the author for writing Alli because I loved him so much. Here this poor man has been run out of his home in Fae realm trying to make it on earth where every Friday his day goes to crap due to his magic needing an outlet he longer has, which usually ends in him being injured. Even with all this going on he is still just a sweet loveable guy who doesn’t believe anyone could want him. Especially not one sexy bear shifter he is growing to really like. Oh, but he is, oh so sassy and strong, and will not let anyone push him around. Not always the smartest plan when someone is after you.

Michael and his family made me laugh. I love that Michael, a bear shifter, was just a big cuddle bug who was almost instantly attracted to Alli just wants to get to know the man, bad luck and all, and he is determined to not let Alli push him away because he knows that Alli is his Chosen and not even Alli will break that up. Michael is the best bear for Alli because as much as he is just a sweet lovey kind of guy he does have a protective streak just for Alli, one that will not allow Alli to push him away or go it alone in life.

This story was funny and snarky with many secondary characters I would love to get to know more in their own stories. Chris, the sheriff, is usually around when you need him, even if Michael doesn’t understand how he knows what he does. Tristan, Michael’s older brother, was this big tough guy that I think probably is a big softy inside like his brother. The town of Putnam was a character it of itself with witches, werewolves, vampires, and more! The mystery of who was after Alli, once revealed, was one I didn’t see coming. I had some idea of who I thought it was going to be but I was wrong!

I will be looking forward to reading more about Putnam and all its inhabitants!


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