Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book of the Week: Hotline by Quinn Anderson #Review

Author: Quinn Anderson
Book: Hotline
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Publication date: October 31, 2016
Length: 347 pages

Zack never intended to become a phone sex operator, but with half a college degree and a smart mouth, his options were limited. It helps that he has a knack for thinking on his feet and a willingness to roll with whatever his clients throw at him. Sure, he gets his fair share of creeps and unconventional requests, but it pays the bills, and he’s in no danger of breaking his one rule: never fall for a client.
Until a man named “John” starts calling, and Zack finds himself interested in more than a paycheck. It’s not just that John has money, or that his rumbling baritone drives Zack wild. He’s everything Zack isn’t: educated, poised, and in total control of his life.
A twist of fate brings them face-to-face, and now that they’ve seen each other—and spent an unforgettable night together—they can’t go back to the way things were. A sex worker and a trust fund brat . . . It’s like Romeo and Juliet, but with less stabbing and slightly fewer dick jokes. Hopefully they can pull off a more successful ending.

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What an absolutely adorable and entertaining story! Great humor, wonderful characters, perfect pacing, and all around terrific entertainment.
It’s told in Zack’s POV. He’s a phone sex operator who one day gets a call from a man named John. And so their adventure begins. Zack’s personality is addictive. He’s funny, charming, witty, and more intelligent than he gives himself credit for. He has awesome friends and fabulous neighbors. Sure, he doesn’t get along with his parents ALL the time but who does?
John is a rich law student who even though is filthy rich doesn’t flaunt it or act like he’s better than anyone. He genuinely adores Zack for who he is. Of course the rich kid and the poor kid were bound to have issues and they did.
Quinn Anderson has written an opposites attract story that is wildly entertaining. From start to finish I was going through the emotions. Never really angsty but I felt how these characters did in all the right places.
I very much highly recommend this read for the romantic, for those who enjoy a good laugh and a great story!

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