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COVER REVEAL: What Lies Between Us by Felice Stevens

Author: Felice Stevens
Available: February 14, 2016
Novella: Breakfast Club Series
Length: 25,000 words
Cover Artist: Reese Dante


Now that he’s living with Sam Stein, Zach Cohen is finally ready to move on from his unhappy past. His days are filled with wedding preparations, yet he still finds time to make plans and decisions without consulting Sam and his mother, firmly believing he knows best.

Sam is ready to settle in for the perfect life with Zach but years of bad habits have come back to haunt him. Struggling to accept himself and his future, he chooses not to share his fears, unwilling to look weak in Zach’s eyes.

Real life gets in the way of the best intentions and when their secrets explode, the aftermath challenges the foundation of a relationship both believed unshakeable. Falling in love is the easy part, and Zach and Sam discover that only with honesty can they overcome what threatens to tear them apart.

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About Felice

I have always been a romantic at heart. I believe that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, My character have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.

I live in New York City with my husband and two children and hopefully soon a cat of my own. My day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. I practice law but daydream of a time when I can sit by a beach somewhere and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.

Promotional Post: Sex on the Hoof by Silvia Violet #Excerpt #Review #Giveaway

Sex on the Hoof
Silvia Violet
M/M Romance
                                             Sex on the Hoof Cover
Cover Design: AJ Corza
Cover Photo: Stock Photo
Release Date: 12.31.15
A stag and a vampire. Mortal peril. True love.
Deer shifter, Jason Fleetfoot, has turned his life around. After years of taking chances, he’s working as a crime lab technician, and he’s determined to forgo the risky behavior of his past. Then he meets Drew Danvers, the only undead detective in the city. Jason hates vampires, or does he? Drew defies all the stereotypes of his kind and something about him has taken hold of Jason and won’t let go. Jason might just dare to take a chance on a man others would label a risk to his health if not his very life.
This novella was previously published. It has been re-edited and expanded by over 35%.
I’m Jason Fleetfoot. I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life. The stupidest of all was taking a job with some assholes intent on manufacturing illegal chemical weapons. My sister, Natalie, lost her job when her company folded, and I lost mine because my fucking boss was a bastard. I’ve got authority issues. And control issues. All right, I’m seriously fucked up, but I wasn’t going to let my sister starve because I couldn’t keep it together. So I made a deal with the devil and damn near got myself and Natalie killed. She saved me. She and her cop boyfriend, Wolf. The name’s not a joke. He’s a werewolf. Did I mention we’re shifters, Natalie and I? Deer shifters. If you think my human form is impressive, you should see me as a ten-point buck. So yeah, a werewolf and a deer shifter. Somehow they’re making it work. When I was a kid, we were all in hiding—wolves, deer, rabbits, foxes, and all the other shifters, vampires and demons too. Then the Big Collapse happened. Worst econ crash since the Great Depression. The world was in chaos, the US Government near collapse, the unemployed filling the streets. A bunch of supernaturals said, fuck it, the humans can barely keep themselves together, it’s time we had our day. I thought there’d be a war, but none of us were organized enough to attack and the humans had their own problems so now we all live together. Peacefully? Fuck no. Most humans tolerate us, just. Some love us only for the thrill we can give them. And others would like to kill us on sight, but at least we don’t have to pretend anymore. I love what my body can do and I’m never going to apologize for it. But that’s enough history. Let’s get back to the now and my life on the straight-and-narrow, working hard to earn an honest dollar. I fucking hate being beholden to Wolf, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for him. Once the Atlanta PD cleared me, Wolf helped me get a job in the crime lab where I can use my knowledge of chemistry and computers for the good guys. As the newest hire, I work nights, babysitting the equipment and working on what comes in during the wee hours. For the most part, I like it. It’s quiet and I get a chance to play around with new techniques and do a bit of programming. There’s only one problem: Detective Drew Danvers. He works nights too. Not because he’s new, but because he’s a goddamned vampire. They say he was Changed against his will. But what the hell was he doing picking up a vampire at a bar? I certainly have no intention of fucking a vampire. No matter how damn fuckable Drew is. Yeah, I like men, what of it? And Drew is a fine specimen of a man, like some Viking warrior. He’s at least six three with sculpted arms and pecs that make him look like he could lift a truck one-handed. Considering he’s a vamp, he probably can. Getting involved with Drew would be stupid on too many levels to count. And I’m finished with making stupid decisions. So why does my body want so desperately to be impaled on him—his cock, his fangs, anything he’d like to stick in me. Natalie’s right, my dick really doesn’t communicate with my brain. I don’t just want to fuck him, I want to be taken by him, and I never want that. Like I said, I have control issues. But with Drew… No, there’s never going to be anything with Drew.

This is a sex fueled shifter/vampire book. One vampire looking for vengeance from the one who turned him. One deer shifter trying to resist the vampire but unable to. This novella is an entertaining read filled with fluffy dialog, sexy times, and a hunt.
I have to say I really liked the whole demons, vampires, shifters, and other paranormal things walk amongst us and the world just accepts it. Well, they accept it as much as the human race accepts anything different. That was very clever.
This quick read was filled with a lot and I had a lot of fun.

Silvia Violet writes erotic romance in a variety of genres including sci fi, paranormal, alternate history, and historical.
She can often be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like "Do you write children's books?" She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she's actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinful chocolate treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading children's books to her wickedly smart offspring.
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Book of the Week: Farm Fresh by Posy Roberts #Review

Author: Posy Roberts
Publication Date: January 28, 2015
Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press
Farm Fresh: Naked Organics book 1
Length: 204 pages


Jude Garrity visits the farmers market every Saturday. As an environmental engineering student, he’s curious about living off the grid and sustainable agriculture.

And one particular farmer.

Hudson Oliva has worked hard to support his commune, where queer people live without fear of harm or retribution. When Jude asks pointed questions about living there, Hudson realizes he needs to be honest about his home. Few people know what the farm is actually about, but Jude is insistent.

Jude moves to Kaleidoscope Gardens, however his sexual hang-ups make it hard to adjust. He’s an uptight virgin living among people who have sex freely and with multiple partners. When Jude finally loosens up, Hudson is flooded with emotions. Falling for Jude wasn’t part of Hudson’s life plan. But when vindictive rumors about the commune begin to spread, love might be all he has left.


WOW! This was breathtaking, amazing, thrilling, freeing! I’m trying to think of all the words to describe it but It will fall flat. If this book is any indication, this will be one heck of a series.
This story takes place mostly on a commune, Kaleidoscope Gardens. They are people who live free in every way. They live, love, and breathe. It’s so refreshing. Now, for someone like me it would be terrifying. I truly connected with Jude in how he saw everything the first time. I loved how we followed the tour of the place with him and really felt the shock and yes even the terror of living with people who live open. When I say open I mean sexually.
The story is told MOSTLY in Hudson and Jude’s POV but you also get Charlie and Leo’s POV’s too. Normally, that would irritate me because I don’t like many POV’s in one story. However, this did no such thing. It made complete sense. It perfected the story. Because Charlie, Leo, Jude, and Hudson are like one organism in a sense. They share a house… and everything in it.
Jude’s past is horrifying and heartbreaking. It’s no wonder he has so many mental hang ups over sex. And Hudson doesn’t have it that easy either. So many of these people in this commune have suffered a past that has left them scarred. Coming to Kaleidoscope Garden’s is a salve for them.
This it truly and outstanding story. I carried my kindle everywhere with me…. All day. I refused to do anything until I finished. And then, I wanted more. More of these fascinating characters and this amazing place.
Posy Roberts has created a world of brilliance. I can’t wait to read more of this series. This is a must read! A huge bravo to Posy!!!

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Saturday Author Spotlight: Megan Derr #Interview #Giveaway

Megan Derr is an outstanding writer. Having recently discovered her I've done my best to read whatever I can of hers. She has a talent that she THANKFULLY shares with all of us and I'm thrilled to have her as my Saturday Author Spotlight today.

We are going to do an interview, look at her work, and of course wrap it up with a giveaway. So, grab that coffee, tea, wine, whatever and enjoy.

Prince Allen has trained his entire life to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious mother, who has made their kingdom one of the wealthiest and most influential in the empire. For the past few years he has trained to become the new consort of the High King. The only thing no one prepared him for was the stubborn, arrogant High King himself, who declares Allen useless and throws him out of court.

High King Sarrica is ruling an empire at war, and that war will grow exponentially worse if his carefully laid plans do not come to fruition. He's overwhelmed and needs help, as much as he hates to admit it, but it must be someone like his late consort: a soldier, someone who understands war, who is not unfamiliar with or afraid of the harsher elements of rule. What he doesn't need is the delicate, pretty little politician foisted on him right as everything goes wrong.

Publisher note: this is a highly expanded, completely re-written version of the free short that was previously available under the same title.

Karl leads a quiet life—quieter than he wants, especially since getting into a fight with one of the most powerful men in the city—but it could be worse. In a city where super heroes and villains can level a city block in a moment, it's a good day when nothing is destroyed, especially for the man who sells super hero insurance.

After yet another date stands him up, Karl heads home for another night spent reading with only his cats for company. But a strange sound at the bus stop leads him to a shocking discovery: Trick of the Light, a notorious villain in possession of an impossible power, and currently the intense focus of a man hunt by the Grand Order of Defenders.

But Karl has never had much respect for the Order and its arrogant, cavalier super heroes. Whatever the risks, he'd much rather spend the night helping a villain, especially since once Trick is well enough to move Karl will probably never see him again…

Nine gods ruled the world, until the ultimate betrayal resulted in their destruction. Now, the world is dying and only by restoring the Lost Gods can it be saved.

Nine hundred years ago, the Dragons of the Three Storms, gods of chaos, tried to destroy their land of Kundou. Only by rising up and slaying the Dragons and stealing their power was Kundou saved. Now, that power resides in the royal family and grants them the right to rule.

But that power comes at a terrible price, and Prince Nankyokukai is determined that he will be the last to pay it—even if it means surrendering his chance with the man he has waited for his entire life.


Thank you so much, Megan, for being my spotlight today. You are a very new to me author but the second I read The High King’s Golden Tongue I found myself scrambling to read as much of your work as possible. I have some questions for you so I can get to know you better and so your fans can too.

Thank you very much for having me J And I'm still giddy you enjoyed High King so much.

One thing that struck me as amazing the second I opened The High Kings Golden Tongue was the map of the lands you cover in the novel. I immediately thought of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones with the amazing detail and creativity. What insured the land names and what made you choose a made up world over one we already know?

Fantasy has always been my favorite place to play. I love starting from scratch and making up the cultures, magic systems (though this world doesn't have those) and so on :D Contemporary can be fun, but it's never been my thing. I've been a fantasy junkie from day one.
The land names I just made up. You can see where some of them were bastardized real words (Gaulden I just took Golden and changed the o to au) but mostly I just jumble letters together and see what I come up with :3

Where did the inspiration for THKGT come from?

It was a prompt I took on in the MM Romance Group's Love is Always Write event a few years ago now. At the time I could only manage a short story with the premise, but once my plate was cleared I took it and made it the longer story it always wanted to be.

Trick of the Light is your newest release and the first book of what looks like is going to be an awesome series. I recently read it and loved it. Can you tell me what sorts of things we will see in this series?

Plenty of shenanigans J Dixie's story is up next, and he is heavily involved in the systems that the bad guys rely upon, and he's determined to fuck that system up. The third story is about a character mentioned briefly but not introduced until the second story: Byron, and there is much more to him than anyone has ever realized. Lots of heroes and villains still to come, and it's all just going to get messier ;)

Are you a fan of superheroes and if so are you a DC, Marvel, or Dark Horse fan and who’s your favorite Superhero or villain?

I'm a huge fan! Not as big a one as my brother, who knows like PILES of stuff that blows me away, but I followed some of them as a kid, fell out of it, and came back several years ago when they started getting more mainstream attention and dragged me back in. I'm equal opportunity. Batman was probably my first true love, right now I'm loving Thor as a woman, and I'm super stoked for the Deadpool movie coming out soon.

Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

Sasha L. Miller, A.M. Valenza, Kirby Crow, Aleksandr Voinov, Lyn Gala, Leta Blake, Mary Holland, Lexi Ander, Amelia Faulkner, and Katey Hawthorne. I'll try to stop at ten, I could keep going for a while ^^

What are some the hardest parts of writing a book and what are some of the most rewarding?

The end is always the hardest part for me. The closer I get to the end, the slower I write. I've read so many books that were so good right up until the end fucked it all up, and that has instilled a paranoia in me. So the end is my struggle.
The fall out is where I always have the most fun. That moment in the book where everything goes to shit, everyone is angry and hurt and apart… and then I get to write it all coming back together and that's the best moment, really and truly. All that work, all that dithering and struggling and fearing, to finally get to the moment at the end I was afraid of where it all comes together is the best.

If someone was to come to your home and see your writing station, what would they see?

Something a lot like this, though probably hella messier and with at least two cats getting in my way

If there was a soundtrack for your life, what would it be called?

Evil Laughter

What are you currently working on and what can we look forward from you in 2016?

Literally today I am working on Twilight, a sequel to Midnight that I never thought I would write, but I cannot say no when some people ask (Sasha and Kitty in this instance). But I am also juggling the third Anti-Heroes book, some more Dance with the Devil short stories, the last book in the Engineered Throne trilogy, and a book set in that same world, but on a different continent, called Hammer & Powder.
Coming in 2016 there is lots: The Pirate of Fathoms Deep, the sequel to High King, Shield of the Dragon, which picks up a couple of months after Sword of the King, and The Painted Crown which is the sequel to The Engineered Throne. There's other, smaller stories, but those are the big ones :3

How can your fans follow you in social media: Twitter, Facebook, Website?

Thank you, Megan for taking the time to answer my questions. It’s been so much fun!

It's been loads of fun, thank you again for inviting me ^__^


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Contest runs until February 5th!

I want to thank Megan for being here today and I want to encourage you ALL to check out her amazing work. She's not an author you want to pass up!

Read what you review. It matters.

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