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Random Reviews... Jumpstart by Riley Hart #Review #Giveaway

Author: Riley Hart
Book: Jumpstart #3.5
Series: Crossroads
Publication date: October 27, 2016
Length: 97 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Motocross star, Beckett Monroe, is in need of some serious R&R. Not only to adjust to his new out-of-the-closet status, but in hopes of reigniting his passion for motocross. To his surprise, support shows up in the way of Christian Foster, his childhood best friend and first love. Spending time with Christian is the jumpstart Beck’s heart needs. But even if Christian can forgive Beckett for hurting him years ago, do they stand a chance against all the obstacles in their path?


Riley is one of those authors that always is able to get some emotion out of me. Whether that is happiness, or sadness she is able to get her characters to make me love them and their struggle to their HEA. Christian and Beckett were no different!

Beck was just stuck in a rut with his career as a motocross star and couldn’t figure out why. He still loved it but something was missing. So after he outed himself he took off to Virginia to see his friend in hopes of just to be able to escape and relax but somewhere in there in decided to make a phone call that should’ve happened ten years ago, one that ends up changing his escape from motocross to possible finding his future with someone from his past. Christian wasn’t expecting after ten years to get a phone call from the man he never forgot but he did and now he can’t help but think of the sound of his voice and how Beck sounded like he needed someone to lean on. With the encouragement of his friend Quinn he makes a risky decision and goes to Virginia.

I have a fierce love of snarky banter and these two have it in spades! Riley’s men, whether damaged or not, have this way of making you connect with them that always amazes me but it’s how she creates them so I am not surprised. Although this was a quick story, in the land of Crossroads series, we do get to see some of our favorite characters and of course meeting a new one in Quinn. Yes, the forgiveness was given fairly quickly between these two but for me it was because they have this soul deep connection that gives them an ease with each other. And for Christian his feelings for this man and the knowledge that Beck knew he took the wrong path and knowing he did it without malice was what made it easy for him. For a novella it was definitely well developed in character and storyline and I never felt like there was something missing. I am BEYOND excited to know that someway, somehow Riley will be giving us Quinn in his own book because as small as a role as he played I immediately wanted to know more about him! 


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