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Promotional Post: Remember The Alamo by Rain Carrington #Excerpt #Giveaway

Title: Remember The Alamo
Author: Rain Carrington
Self Published
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Length: 186 pages


My name is McCully Blaylock. This first story you are about to read is mine. Well, it ain’t mine alone. It’s about the family I come from. It might be a little worse than yours, or it might be better. There’s no telling.
With people so obsessed with looking up their family trees, this story and the others to follow may be a good warning to rethink that. Things you may find will leave a mark. Sure, you might see that you inherited your blue eyes from your great-grandmother, or that weird hairline from your great-great grandfather, but it’s the things that aren’t physical that can define you.
You can’t help what happened a hundred years before you were born, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay the price for them, if your ancestors didn’t.
This series of stories is about these things, things that happened way back when and the men and women who must clean up after them or learn to live with them now. Our stories are connected, each linking to the next. Like a puzzle, only there ain’t no way to solve it all. Only little bits of it, like getting the outer edge done and missing all the insides.
What does happen, though, is that good does come outta all this. When those struggling with the past meet in the present, they pool their strength to be able to face whatever comes. Love does conquer all, even the things that seem like there is no way to beat them. Love, friendship and family, a family of your choosing more than one that you were cursed to be born into.
So, sit back and take in my tale. I thought it was just about the worst thing I could think of until I found out about the rest. Now I feel akin to other people, simply because we all have one thing in common.
Our ancestors are real dicks.

To live under the looming shadow of men who not only fought alongside legends, but were legends themselves, if only in their families. That’s what we deal with in the new series, Legacy.
The first story on this journey is about the man who introduced himself above, McCully Blaylock. Mac, as everyone calls him, is a timid man who worked his family’s ranch his entire life. When his father died, leaving massive debt, he is sure he’ll have to sell off the land that had been his family’s for generations.
His father had secrets, which Mac is starting to see, with the help of his brother, sister-in-law and a man who they sent to Mac to help him figure out what to do with the place. Leo Glover comes into his life like a twister across the prairie. He inserts himself into Mac’s life, frustrating him, but manages to bring out something long hidden. Mac’s own strength.
As he finds the truth of what was buried in his family’s past, Mac deals with it the best he can. Unable to sell the land, Leo suggests something unheard of in their part of Texas, but it’s something that can breathe new life into the ranch and the small town struggling nearby.
This is the first story, but they are all connected. It will take the combined efforts of the whole group to get through some of the trials thrown at these men, but with a little laughter, a lot of love and passion, they get through what was placed in their hands by people who came before them.
These are men determined to be better than those that came before them, and to make their own legacy.


The voice was muted in the torrential storm, but he’d heard it, his name called out with pain that cut through the middle of him. He spun and nearly slipped in the slick clay mud. 
Mac was there, running to him, sliding as he’d done, catching his balance and running again. “Leo! Don’t go, please!”
When he got to Leo, Mac dropped to his knees, splashing muddy water up over him as he did, begging, “Don’t go,” on a voice that was strangled with emotion. 
As cold as the rain was, Leo’s stomach heated, reaching his raging heart, and he let the tears that welled in his eyes to fall, getting lost in the rain. “I have to go!”
“I’ll do whatever you want! If you care, if you care at all, help me! Help me!”
Leo dropped to his knees in front of him, grabbing his face in both hands, watching anguish turn to hope in those beautiful, bright blue eyes. “I can’t unless you see what I see! You’re good, you’re beautiful and you are the best man I’ve ever met!”
“I…I love ya, Leo. I don’t want to be yer damned friend! I love ya, and I’ll do anythin’ for ya!”
That made him forget about the rain pouring on them, about the cold mud under his already aching knees, about everything in Mac’s future that was dismal and bleak. All he saw was a man that needed him, who’d fallen in love, and yeah, made Leo do the same. 
He was no knight in shining armor, there to save Mac from himself and his past. That’s what he realized. He was there for one reason, and that was to love Mac until he could do those things for himself. 
“I love you too, Mac. But…that doesn’t change a fucking thing.”

About the Author

Hi I'm Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I've written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!


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Random Review: His Kindred Spirit by Sloan Johnson #Review #Giveaway

Title: His Kindred Spirit
Author: Sloan Johnson
House Line: States Of Love/ North Carolina 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht
Publication Date: March 29, 2019
Length: 131 pages 

Reviewed by Micheal


Dane has built his life around not relying on anyone but himself. When he travels from New York City to North Carolina at the request of his estranged, incarcerated father, he learns truths he’d rather not know… along with inheriting a share in his grandfather’s inn. But the place comes with complications, including a man he will have to walk away from—but can’t help falling for.

Brook has only known romance through notes left in a mailbox at the end of the beach. When he’s tasked with showing his boss’s gorgeous nephew what makes Sunset Beach and Bird Island special, he’s compelled to take Dane to his favorite place.

Dane never wanted the inn, but when it’s threatened, he steps up to defend it… and keep the man he’s coming to love by his side and in his life. But first they’ll have to clean up Dane’s uncle’s mess.

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Sometimes, you can go home again.  However, it rarely turns out the way you’d expect. 

In Dane’s case, “home” is actually North Carolina where his father is from.  Dane’s father was totally screwed over by not only his family, but also the justice system.   Hoping to give his dad a fresh start that would allow him to reconnect with his family, Dane travels to North Carolina to scope things out.  When he gets there, he becomes embroiled in some drama involving the family hotel and his shady uncle.  He also meets Brooks, an employee of the hotel since he was a teenager. 

Just as Dane’s father has been screwed over by Life, so has Dane himself.  What starts as a sort of fact-finding trip turns out to be the balm to Dane’s spirit that he didn’t know he needed.  Thanks to Brooks.

Brooks is a splendid counterpoint to Dane.  He’s filled with positive energy and optimism.  Very much yin to Dane’s yang.  He spends his days working at the hotel that he he sees as kind of his life, and his nights on the beach at an old mailbox some unknown person erected.

The mailbox, strangely enough, plays a central role in the story.  No one knows where it came from or who put it there.  But people go this mailbox to leave messages for strangers to read.  Oftentimes, these messages are about love or loss, or simple wishes.  Sometimes the people that read the messages feel as if they’ve found a person who understands how they feel, and it helps them to feel not so alone.  As if they’ve found a kindred spirit.  Hence the books title.

With most romance books, there’s something called “The Black Moment”. It’s that moment when something catastrophic happens, usually along the lines of a misunderstanding between the two leads.  They end up separating because of this but ultimately reconcile once they realize how dumb they were acting.  Sure, there’s moment here, but it’s not contrived.  Instead, it’s used to allow the lead characters to actually come together, to work together, to overcome their common obstacles.  I found this refreshing because it wasn’t filled with over the top angst and it allowed the characters to show how strong they were together.

This may seem like a low-key story, but there are subtle nuances that brought the story to life for me.  I’ve been in Dane’s shoes when it came to his relationship with his best friend Grady.  I’ve given my all to a job only to have someone else come along and rip the rug out from under me, like Brooks.  It’s these things that made the book more real for me because they were relatable.

And now, because of this book, I want to find a mailbox on a beach.


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In The Hot Seat~ Tia Fielding

Diverse Reader has another author in the HOT SEAT for you! This week it's Tia Fielding. They are here to answer fast fire questions and tell you stuff and things about what they do or have coming out. I guess you'll just have to take a seat and find out!

Fast Fire Questions 

First question, name three things you need near you (minus a computer) when you sit down to write?
-          My water bottle, a distraction like a TV-show that will stop my ADHD from spiraling, and my notes, probably.

Where is one place you’d love to visit? (One word or place)
-          Scotland.

In one sentence, how would you explain to someone what exactly it is you write?
-          I write love stories between LGBTQ+ characters, which normally end up being slightly angsty, and all about found families.

What are (up to 5) LGBTQA+ books that you think everyone should read?
-          I can’t say “anything by X.Y.” right? Okay, well, The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye, Tattoos & Teacups by Anna Martin, Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane, Dark Space by Lisa Henry, and Static by LA Witt.

Just naming the character, which one of yours is most like you?
-          Seth.

When buying a book, what do you look at when you know nothing about it most? (Cover, blurb, etc…”)
-          If we go with new-to-me authors, then blurb and cover equally.

Do you feel our political climate is affecting the way books are written within the LGBTQA+ genre?
-          Yes.

Can you tell us a title of one of your books being published this year?
-          Four

What is something you fear the most? (spiders, clowns, etc…”)
-          Heights

Coffee or tea?
-          If pressed to choose, coffee.

Is there a convention you want to attend that you haven’t already gone to? If yes name one.
-           GRL

Name something about yourself you love?
-          Sisu (you might have to google that.)

Favorite childhood book?
-          Ronia, the Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren

Thank you!

A Love by Numbers Story
Can two broken men build one life?
Ten years.
That’s what Makai lost for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s been exonerated, but the abuse he suffered in prison isn’t so easy to leave behind. He heads to the one place he remembers being happy: Acker, Wisconsin, where he spent summers with his grandpa. Unfortunately, not everyone wants Makai there.
Ten days.
That’s how long Emil, now twenty-one, was held prisoner as a teenager. The mental and physical injuries he suffered at the hands of a drug trafficking ring still haunt him.
Nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD challenge the connection forming between Makai and Emil, though together, they might find a way to move beyond their pain and into a future—and a relationship—that both had thought impossible.
Now they just have to convince Emil’s father, the town sheriff. It won’t be easy with danger closer than they know….

The next part in the Love by Numbers series, titled Four, will be out this coming summer!

About Tia and where to find them

Tia Fielding is a thirtysomething Scandinavian who is a lover of witty people, words, cats, sarcasm, autumn, and the tiny beautiful things in life. Tia struggles with stubborn muses and depression, but both are things she has learned to live with.

Tia identifies as genderqueer, but isn’t strict about pronouns. Why? Because luckily, in her native language there aren’t gender-specific pronouns. Being a reclusive author living with her fur-babies is another fact of life for Tia, among the need to write that seems to be a part of her psyche by now.

In 2013 one of Tia’s novels was recognized by the industry’s Rainbow Awards in the Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award) category.

Social Media Links: