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Saturday Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Noble #Interview #Giveaway

We are back on track with the Author Saturday Spotlight! Today we have Elizabeth Noble as our shining star! She written wonderful books and series' such as The Vampire Guard series, Sentries series, and The Sleepless City series. Today we get to check out her work, and pick her brain a bit! So, get comfy and enjoy.

The Vampire Guard Series

Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Jonas Forge, vampire. Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he’s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.

Blair Turner, PhD. Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soulmate.

Declan, vampire, ex-pirate, ex-fur trapper, thief, and con man. Declan is Forge’s former lover and soulmate to Lucas Coate.

Lucas Coate, MD, Flint’s medical examiner. A werewolf living amongst vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge’s best friends.

Their lives become complicated when an impending Presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high tech vampire spies and espionage. Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiquan—a weapon which may very well mean death for one of them.

The members of the Vampire Guard—Jonas Forge, spy and soldier turned cop; computer hacker extraordinaire Blair Turner; Declan, thief, con man, and ex-pirate; and medical examiner and werewolf Dr. Lucas Coate—face a dangerous and elusive enemy.

And this time, it’s personal.

Over the course of three hundred years, a man has touched each of their lives in ways they are only just realizing. When a hunt for a psychotic killer in the present resurrects memories and clues from the past, they discover how they have been affected and are bound by the existence of a ruthless vampire criminal. Now, while preventing a heist at a high-tech art show and thwarting several large-scale explosions, the team must employ their unique blend of science and supernatural abilities to put an end to the machinations of the man toying with their lives.

This time, he won’t slip through their fingers.

This time, it’s more than a case. It’s a hunt, and Forge, Blair, Declan, and Lucas won’t stop until they’ve captured their quarry.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for being here today and talking with me. I’ve read your work and have loved what I’ve read so far so it’s exciting to have you here. I have some questions for you, gonna pick your brain. Not too painful I hope.

Where did your love of writing come from?

Thank you so much for having me here today!

I’m not sure where my love of writing came from to be honest. I think I was born with it. Storytelling has been something that’s always been a part of who I am.  I was the kid in need the group who would think up stories for the other kids to reenact. I spent hours setting up imaginary worlds and characters for my group of friends and I to play in.

I was raised by my grandparents and they were book lovers. Our house was filled with books, books and some magazines.

I guess telling stories and being around books combined to give me that undeniable need to write.

Dreamspinner Press is your​ publisher. Can you tell us, for new authors, what the pros and cons are of using a publisher?

I’ve only ever published through a publisher, unless you count fanfic. There are pros and cons to both ways of publishing, through a publisher or self-publishing. A publisher takes care of all the details (and payments for) editors and cover artists. Unless you’re a very big name a good eighty percent of the promo is the responsibility of the author.

On one hand, being with a publisher means you do things the way they require. Publishers want certain types of stories, in the case of Dreamspinner, it’s romance. Entering contests or requesting reviews sometimes requires a book be through a publisher. Eligibility in some professional organizations also require a writer to have books published through a publisher.

Being self-published means the author is responsible for everything. That also means they have control over every aspect of a books journey from concept to published. The author can control the price and special sales events.

I’ve been reading lately about hybrid publishing, where someone would have books through publishers as well as self-published. This doesn’t seem a bad way to go and every writer has a book or two that never fits with any publisher, but it’s a good story. Self-publishing gives those books a chance. As long as books are good quality I don’t think many readers care where they come from.

You’ve studied many fascinating subjects in your education. How has that come into play with your writing?

I have a lot of reference books and periodicals sitting around for one thing. Subjects I’ve studied sort of creeps into the lives of my characters and into the plots of my books.

Paranormal vs Contemporary romance. Which is more home for you and why?

Hmmm, that’s a hard one.

In paranormal romance, it’s more accepted to have a couple become deeply involved very quickly. I love bonding and fated mates. I think paranormal stories have a broader range of plot possibilities.

Contemporary doesn’t require as much world building, we all know what cell phones and credit cards are.

What I really enjoy is writing a good mystery and that can be done with a contemporary story as well as a paranormal one.

What is one subject you’d never write about?

I used to say it was unlikely I’d write contemporary romance, and look how that worked out for me! I would definitely shy away from and think twice about writing anything that had to do with the torture of children and animals.

If you had to pick one of your books to be turned into a musical on Broadway, yes HAD to, which would you pick?

Again, a hard one. In the Sentries series Todd sings sometimes. In the Sleepless City/Vampire Guard series Forge and Blair enjoy dancing.

I’m going to pick Tethered Pair (book #5 of Sentries). There are some light-hearted moments and most of the story takes place on a riverboat. There is gambling, intrigue, dancing and romance… sounds like a Broadway musical.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on or your future projects?

Right now I’m finishing up a contemporary, BDSM novel featuring a retired hockey pro and professional ice dancer.

I have plans for a romantic suspense/thriller and a scifi romance. Carole Cummings and I are working on an angel story that’s delightfully entertaining.

How can fans follow you? Twitter, FB, Website…

Readers can get 30% off at Dreamspinner Press ( and DSP Publications ( website store until May 20 with the coupon code Noble2017 .

Circles website:
Vampire Guard website:
Dreamspinner page:

In your opinion, what makes a book a success for a reader?

I think when a book takes someone to a different place, offers them something they don’t have in their daily lives, that makes a book a success for a reader. Fiction, for me, should offer an escape, a respite from reality and let our imaginations fly free for a little while.


Lefty or righty? Righty
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
Day or night? Night
Favorite flower? Sunflower
Favorite animal? Dog
Beer or wine? Wine
Cake or ice cream? Cake
Favorite smell? Fresh cut grass
Favorite comfort food? Pizza, or chocolate, or burgers and onion rings.

Okay, Elizabeth. Thank you so very much for being here.

 Thank you for having me!


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  1. I've enjoyed a few of your Circles mysteries! Great stories.

  2. Hi Elizabeth I've enjoyed all your books and you seem so busy how do you find time to write?

    1. Writing is how I de-stress. So, I'll often work on a chapter after I get home from my day job and am sitting around watching TV. If I don't write, I read, I can't just sit and have dinner or watch a movie/tv show. I take about an hour to walk my dog during my day as well.

  3. Hello Elizabeth! If you could be any type of animal shifter which do you think you would be?

    1. Wolf, or maybe horse. How about you, what kind would you be?

  4. Hi Elizabeth. Where did you get your ideas/inspiration for building the Sentries world?

    1. I used to belong to a group on Live Journal where people would post the types of books they'd like to read. There was a post about arranged marriages and another about master/slave stories, one was right after the other. I had one of those "Wow" moments and thought those would be a great combo. That kicked it off. Along the way I found a few ideas from reader comments and I actually had some contests where readers could suggest scenarios or plots they'd like to see in the series.

  5. Hi Elizabeth ... do you have favorite non-MM shifter series?

  6. I've read a number of werewolf books over the years, but no series of them that aren't MM shifters. I did enjoy the Teen Wolf television series. Years ago there was a cool, short-lived TV show called Manimals. The Dresden Files, while not a shifter series specifically, has a lot of shifter (and shifty) type characters in the books. That would probably be the closest I could come to a shifter series that's not MM.

  7. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the interview

  8. Hi Elizabeth, great interview. What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    Hawaiian pizza - yay or nay?

    1. Write everyday and never give up. Hawaiian pizza? YES!

  9. Hi, Elizabeth... Which was the first book you loved... Like you could not stop reading it?

  10. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for the interview. Good luck with the WIP, they both sound intriguing =)

  11. A vampire with a PhD and an MD werewolf? I must admit I've never read anything like that!

    1. Thank you! Just because you're a paranormal doesn't mean you can't have an education and pursue your dreams. And they sure have enough time in their lives!

  12. This book sounds quite interesting. Congratulations and much success, Elizabeth. Really enjoyed your brain being picked. Well done!
    taina1959 @

  13. Hi Elizabeth! I have had this series on my wishlist for a while, I need to move it up and read it soon. Thank you for the interview and giveaway!