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Promotional Post: Winter Burning by Rain Carrington #Review #Giveaway

Author: Rain Carrington
Book: Winter Burning
Publisher: AAS Publishing
Cover Artist: AJ Corza
Publication date: May 18, 2017
Length: 583 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


James Snow Bringer is an impressionable young Native American man living on the Montana sheep farm his family has owned for decades. His life on the reservation bores him to death and James yearns to see more of the world. During a trip into town, he meets a bus load of hippies, headed to a commune. When he goes to stay with them, he gets a taste of a different world which only wets his appetite to learn more.

Wyman Crow has faced hate many times and serving his country in Vietnam, and losing his lover there, only makes things worse. He returns home with the deep-seated knowledge that he will always be hated for his skin color wherever he is. It takes some time, but Wyman learns to accept himself and vows to become the warrior his ancestors were, the only way he can. He tells their stories. Wyman will not lie down and let bigots win, determined to fight for equality in a world that doesn’t want him.

A chance meeting at a pow-wow brings James and Wyman together where they quickly succumb to mutual attraction. Wyman falls in love with the innocent young man but when James persists in asking questions about who their people are, Wyman decides to do more than tell him. He shows him. When they embark on a journey of discovery together, James is eager to learn. He’s not prepared for what he finds.

Winter Burning – An epic tale of painful truth, hatred, and most important of all, deep and abiding love.


Winter Burning is very different from any other book this author has produced. That said, it's also amazing and truly shows the versatility of this author.

This is a journey that you, the reader, take with James. His journey is so meaningful and important because of his background. A child who lived a sheltered life because his parents were terrified of the prejudices of the white race.

James' journey opens his eyes to so much. He's such a wonderful character. You connect with him and the compassion he encompasses in everything he does. In his adventures of discovery, he finds love. he also finds the hatred his parents spoke of and sees the suffering of Native Americans.

This story is very emotional. Each moment is felt deeply. Whether it be love, loss, fear or reality.

Wyman and James take a lot of this on together. Wyman, a man who's seen it all from Vietnam to back home. He takes James to the answers he seeks. Though they are opposites in the lives they've lived up to, their start point, by the end they seemed to be right where they should.

There's so much amazement in this book. Yes it's long but it's epic and the situations, discoveries, and personal revelations are truly outstanding. I very much recommend this book.


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  1. I haven't read any or Rain's books yet, but your review makes me want to read this one. :-)

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  4. Rain is a new author to me. I enjoyed reading the synopsis and thank you for the review I'm putting the book on my wish list.

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  9. Thank you so much, Meredith and Diverse! It's beautiful!

  10. Congrats and thanks for the post, and good review. Rain is new to me, but I do like reading about diverse groups like Native Americans. So I'm looking forward to this one.
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  11. It is with a shameful face that I must admit I've not read any of Ms Carrington's books. Congratulations and much success, though.
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