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Blog Tour: Urgent Care by DJ Jamison ~Guest Post #Excerpt #Giveaway

Today, I’ve brought an excerpt from my newest release, Urgent Care, with a bit of humor and some sexy fun, too.

Maybe I’m a socially awkward introvert with way too much material to draw on or maybe I have a hidden sadistic streak, but I often put my characters in embarrassing situations. I don’t write humor in that sense that any of my books would be described as a comedy, but humorous moments? I’ve got plenty of those. There’s something about incorporating humor that keeps characters real: whether it’s their own sense of humor or humor at their expense.

I’ve written characters who got a little too excited to their mortification (Andy, Winter Blom) and characters who misread someone’s signals and made a fool of themselves (Joe, Chance for Christmas), and even characters who had someone catch them with a mouthful (Zane, Bedside Manner).

So, while I write contemporary romance with mostly serious characters and themes, I do still like to have fun. I hope you enjoy this little tidbit from the latest in my Hearts and Health series.


Desperate for sleep and yet too wired to get there, Xavier grabbed his phone from the side table in an attempt to distract himself from thoughts of the man in the next bed.
He pulled up his neighbor pal Bella in the contacts and texted her a quick message: 911! Ex-boyfriend emergency!
Bella was quick with a reply. Give me the deets.
Tempted to be bad.
Bella knew a bit of their history. He’d told her more about his past with Trent than even Zane and Paul had heard. He’d given her the play by play of their words to each other, and had been a lot more honest about his fears. Bella was easy to talk to because she never judged or criticized. He could always count on her to listen and be supportive.
Stay strong, she texted. Sex only if/when you forgive him.
I already gave him a BJ.

I know! Xavier texted, glancing over at the restless lump in Trent’s bed. The man was tossing and turning like nobody’s business, but his eyes were closed tight.
A BJ says I forgive you, he added, but fucking says let’s get back together.
You should put that on a greeting card
She stuck out her tongue, via emoticon, and then sent one final text: TTL. Cute boy is calling me.
He returned his phone to its charger, not sure talking to Bella had helped much. Now he just kept thinking about Trent’s dick in his mouth. The weight of it on his tongue, and the velvety texture of his cockhead. The sounds he made when Xavier fluttered his tongue along the thick vein running up his shaft.
Sounds … that were now coming from the other side of the room.
Xavier’s ears perked, trying to make sense of it. Then the telltale sound of skin rubbing against skin registered.
Oh, fuck no.
Trent was jerking off. Just the sound of it had Xavier’s cock growing hard between his legs. He shifted to his back and reached down to reposition the erection straining the confines of his boxer briefs.
Trent moaned out loud, and Xavier couldn’t take it. He shoved down his underwear and grabbed his own cock, giving it a slow stroke.
He jerked his cock while straining to catch every sigh, every muffled whimper into the pillow, every whispered curse. Xavier drew up his knees as quietly as possible and pushed the tip of his finger against his hole, just teasing at the sensitive area.
His shifting around must have alerted Trent that he wasn’t asleep.
Trent’s breath caught. “You’re awake?”
“Did you hear …”
“Right there with you, Trent. Now shut up and make yourself come.”
“Oh, fuck,” Trent whispered.

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Length: 61,500 words

Hearts And Health Series

Heart Trouble (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Bedside Manner (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK


Nursing student Xavier James is shocked to run into the first man to ever break his heart while at a gay club. His ex is sexier than ever, but Xavier is not going down that road again ... only, when they end up working together at an urgent-care clinic, his willpower will be tested.

Trent Cavendish made a huge mistake at age 18 when he walked away from his first love. Twelve years later, Trent is rattled when his friend suddenly dies. He takes a hard look at his life, realizing how empty it has become. Determined to re-evaluate his priorities and make amends, he returns to his hometown to win Xavier's forgiveness and maybe even his heart.

Times have changed. Instead of the sweet but tame boyfriend he left behind, he finds a smoking hot man dressed in bits of lace and silk. Trent's good intentions turn to lust, and love isn't far behind. But Xavier is wary. The villain of his memories is proving to be a decent guy, but has he really changed or is Xavier just a new goal to chase?

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Author Bio

DJ Jamison worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which helped tremendously when she began her series centered on The Ashe Sentinel, a fictional small-town newspaper in Kansas. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish.

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