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Promotional Post: Hellagor's Flame by Phoenix Hell #Review #Giveaway

Author: Phoenix Hell
Book: Hellagor's Flame
Series: Supernatural Porn Stars #1
Self Published
Length: 53,432 word count
Publication Date: April 6, 2017

Reviewed by Meredith


Meet Hellagor, he's a Sprite-Witch hybrid plus he's a Prince like his fathers’. His grandmother is Queen of the Sprites. He had told his friends that he was crushing on a porn star. They split the secret to all forms of social media.

Meet Flame Nature: Porn Star Extraordinaire. He learns about Hellagor's crush. After being kidnapped by a group of rogue soldiers, found by an irritated Hellagor and then healed by a Goddess, the Sprite hybrid accidentally unleashes his powers and those of his friends that came to rescue Flame after unleashing his fury on the rogue soldiers.

Can the porn stars grasp what has happened to them? Will Flame accept Hellagor as a lover? Will they ever end up happily ever after?

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Hellagor's Flame is a paranormal story with romance and suspense and lots of lust. The title is quite clever once you've read the book. Hellagor is one of the MC's and he's a witch hybrid and Flame is the other MC and is a porn star that Hellagor has a very serious want on for! Hence, Hellagor's Flame. Just a little something I found to be cute.

This is the first Phoenix book I've read and I always say that's a nerve-wracking experience because you never know what to expect and if the author's style will mesh with the reader. I found the style to flow well, there were some moments where things dragged or were over played but it wasn't unbearable. The author had a wild imagination and though some dialog I found to be a wee bit cheesy the characters themselves were great. 

Their personalities were different and obviously their abilities and what they brought to the story. This made for an interesting and entertaining read. These characters worked in this book and together the chemistry was believable. It's paranormal with some fantasy happening so suspending belief and all that is a must going into to this. You can try to make sense of certain things but you likely won't be able to.

This is good for a fan of magic and paranormal stories. It's entertaining. 

About the Author

Phoenix Hell is a pseudonym for his real name. He's in his early thirties and began his love for writing back when he first read a fiction anthology. He wanted to do M/M romance with a paranormal twist. And most of all the books that are running around in his head are dealing with the paranormal or supernatural.
Phoenix hates mornings and loves to stay up late reading or working on a new book. He's very shy, but if you get him to come out of his shell he will make you laugh till you pee your pants. He's also a Wiccan and a clairvoyant. He usually will post things that are going on about him or complain about his family.
So when you see his book for the first time, he hopes that you enjoy it, shed a few tears and fall in love with his characters.
When he's not writing, he's reading books by his favorite authors, drinking sweet tea and just trying to relax.

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  1. congrats and phoenix is a new author for me

  2. Congrats. Paranormal stories are wonderful because I enjoy seeing where the author will take the readers. We don't know what to expect and it's like opening a cereal box with a mysterious toy or a box of mixed chocolates.