Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Release Day Review: Nurture by Jaime Samms & Sarah Masters #Review #Giveaway

Authors: Jaime Samms & Sarah Masters
Book: Nurture 2nd edition
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: May 16, 2017
Length: 145 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Nature versus nurture. Which one is the culprit?

It’s been a while since Paul fell for Carl, and now he’s having a hard time remembering why. As their relationship slides beyond aggressive into dangerous and frightening, Paul wants a way out that doesn’t involve more violence. How can he leave a man who swears to God he loves him beyond all reason, though—a man who has almost convinced him of that, too?

To Carl, a bit of rough sex doesn’t even touch the tip of violent. The twisted path he has followed to show Paul the true depths of his love could lead them both a long way from where they thought life would take them. Carl will do anything to make Paul understand how much he cares. Anything.

When Paul is hauled to the police station for crimes he didn’t commit, one man, Victor, stands between him and the complete disintegration of his life. But Vic is the cop who arrested him, and he knows way more than any stranger ought to about the details of Paul’s life.

Caught between the man he thought he loved and one who might be stalking him, Paul is due to learn some serious lessons about trust, friendship, and what love—twisted or not—is really capable of. 

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If you look at my "read" bookshelf on Goodreads, you'll find a large number of Jaime Samms books on there. I love her work. It's always written so well, the characters are flawed but real and complex, and the story lines interesting. When I saw she'd co-written a book with Sarah Masters (who I've never read before) I was immediately intrigued, even more so when I read the blurb for their new release, Nurture. A bit of mystery, a bit of suspense, Nurture piqued my interest right away, especially since it appeared the book would fall more toward the darker side rather than romance. I'm always up for a change and trying something outside of my normal choice. I'm glad I gave Nuture a try, and really I'll try anything Jaime writes, but unfortunately, this one didn't quite hit all the right notes for me. 

There is a lot of violence in Nurture, we are talking about a serial killer here as well as showing physical abuse. Most of it is on page and what isn't, your imagination will definitely fill in for you. That wasn't my issue per se, but rather the whole plot of Carl being a twisted serial killer obsessed with Paul just didn't work. Yeah, Carl killed a lot of people, yes he was abused as a child and is clearly psychotic and violent. All of that made sense to me. The main problem I had was with the investigation the police, and specifically detective Victor ?. There were a lot of threads that didn't manage to fully connect that left me scratching my head and feeling frustrated rather than engrossed in the story. The book itself is written well; I wouldn't expect anything else from Jamie Samms whether she's writing alone or with a co-writer. I had a hard time connecting Paul with Vic as well. We're told that Vic but we're never told or shown why or how they came about. I also liked the appearance of secondary characters Brian and Lil but I sure would have liked more background on them and seen more interaction between them and Paul. 

All in all, Nurture was a bit all over the place and left me wanting more from the story. I enjoyed it well enough, but I didn't love it. I will check out more of this writing duo, though, so I hope you give this book a chance.


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