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Blog Tour: Frozen Heart by Heidi Cullinan #Review #Giveaway

RELEASE DATE: May 23, 2017

Original free edition release date December 25, 2013

Format: Short Story  • Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance • Length: 9,000 words

Publisher: Heidi Cullinan

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

ISBN: 978-1-945116-02-5

Series: Love Lessons #1.5

Characters: Walter Lucas, Kelly Davidson

Reviewed by Meredith


Proposals don’t come with instructions.

Walter Lucas knows his boyfriend has been looking forward to the newest movie about a certain snow princess, but he isn’t prepared for the reality that is the front-row seat of Kelly Davidson’s cartoon obsession. There’s more going on in November than just the movie, however—Walter’s been working up the nerve to ask Kelly a certain question. When Walter set up his elaborate Thanksgiving marriage proposal, it seemed like such a good idea, but as the holiday, the movie premiere, and the question Walter never dreamt he’d be asking anyone converge…let’s just say even Hollywood’s best couldn’t sing and dance their way out of Walter’s tangle.


I love Heidi Cullinan's Love Lessons Series. Walter and Kelly are amazing characters. I personally adore Kelly! I do! So this book, Frozen Heart, makes me so so happy. I actually did read the original in 2013 and was excited to see the author added 5000 more words to this short.

The 2nd edition is even more awesome than the first. I was able to pick up on the differences and all Heidi Cullinan managed to do was make something that was already amazing even better. There aren't a lot of characters like Walter and Kelly.

Walter's love for Kelly is so loud in this book and his heart is bigger than the moon. When he admits that they listen to Tangled music while having sexy time is weird it always cracks me up. Because he loves Kelly so very much he embraces the things he loves. He rides that crazy wave and falls deeper in love with him.

If you read the first edition I do recommend reading this one too. You'll love the added scenes and special moments. And it's more Walter and Kelly! It doesn't get much better than that! It's a great series that if you haven't checked it out yet, you should!

 About Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan has always enjoyed a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. Proud to be from the first Midwestern state with full marriage equality, Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights. She writes positive-outcome romances for LGBT characters struggling against insurmountable odds because she believes there’s no such thing as too much happy ever after. When Heidi isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, playing with her cats, and watching television with her family. Find out more about Heidi at
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  1. Can't wait to read the updated book. Heidi's books are fabulous!

  2. Definitely a Walter and Kelly fan! Thanks for the great review, especially letting us know it is worth reading this 2nd edition even if we already read the 1st. I was wondering about that.

  3. Yes, definitely!

  4. The biggest! I've re-read this series so many times, listened to the all playlists over and over, sing the songs at the top of my lungs when I hear them on the radio or spotify, and keep my eyes peeled for a Tesla when I'm out. I. Truly. Love. All. These. Guys.