Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Random Review: Salvation's Song by Pearl Love #Review #Giveaway

Author: Pearl Love
Book: Salvation's Song
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publication date: May 16, 2017
Length: 338 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


An ancient evil threatens the world, and only the chosen few can save it: the Singers, the Seekers, and the Saviors….

Tyrell Hughes enters his junior year of high school at Winton Yowell with everything going for him. He’s popular, he has great friends, and he has the eye of the hottest girl in school. Jeremy Michalak is a transfer student hoping to escape the bullying he suffered at his last school. All he wants is to keep his head down, make it to graduation without any trouble, and pursue the thing that makes him happiest: playing clarinet.

Tyrell and Jeremy have nothing in common except their homeroom assignments and a mutual attraction each is determined to keep hidden. That is until a dangerous mystery draws them inexorably together. Young people all over the city are dying of seemingly natural causes, but Tyrell and Jeremy discover there are dark forces at work that only they can stop. Now the boys will have to put aside their differences and accept their feelings for each other if they are to fulfill their destinies and become the city’s salvation.

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I didn’t realize how poignant the cover of this was until I read the book. You’ll go back to it when you finish. This is a YA Paranomal/fantasy story about two boys and the power within them. A power so strong it can save mankind. 

What I loved about this story was the time the author took. Pearl Love is building a world. I doubt highly this is going to be the only book with these boys. It has the makings of a fantastical series. It had a sort of Buffy the Vampire Slayer element to it. No vampires just demons from the underworld. But two high school boys born from a bloodline to save the world against dark forces. It was right up my alley!

There’s layers to this story. Jeremy’s life, what he’s been through the things that happen to him through the school year. The loss that he carries with him. He’s a transfer student and the reason why is important to his personal character development.

Tyrell by far has the most growth in this story. How we see him in the beginning and who he is at the end is amazing. I loved watching him grow and become what I hoped he would.

This is really an outstanding book. It’s exciting, suspenseful, mysterious, sweet, and it’s filled with real life situations while mingling with fates and goddesses. It’s quite something to behold. I couldn’t put this down and when I had to I was counting the moments until I could pick it up again.
I loved how suspicious I was of everyone and the little triumphs that led to huge rewards! If you’re a fan of paranormal, fantasy, wonderful world building, excellent writing, and fast paced everything then this is absolutely something you want to read!


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