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Audiobook Review: Another Dumb Jock by Jeff Erno Narrated by Ezekiel Robison #Review #Giveaway

Author: Jeff Erno
Narrator: Ezekiel Robison
Book: Another Dumb Jock
Series: Dumb Jock #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publication date: January 9, 2017
Length: 6 hours 3 minutes

Reviewed by Morningstar


Jeff Irwin and Brett Willson raised a fine son, Adam, in their unconventional, judgment-free family. But being the son of two dads has its challenges. Although Adam loves them, he’s determined to prove he’s not gay, like they are. To this end he’s become the star pitcher of his high school baseball team, a true jock.
Then Adam is suspended after he gets into a fight at school, and his dads find out his grades are slipping. Determined to put him back on track, they hire him a tutor: a short, nerdy kid named Trevor. Despite his resistance, soon enough Adam’s worst nightmare comes true when he finds himself attracted to Trevor. This gives him a choice: follow his heart or become just another dumb jock.

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I fell in love with this series from the very first read of book one, Dumb Jock, watching Jeff Irwin and Brett Wilson come together through tutoring and homophobia in rural Michigan. Jeff and Brett are back but as adults raising their two children. Adam is their teenage son who works so hard to be like his dad Brett and nothing like his father, Jeff.

I felt for Adam in this whole story. His struggle to be nothing like his emotional “motherly” father Jeff was sad, and thankfully he never came across as a complete jerk more like a kid fighting against who he was. In comes nerdy Trevor to tutor Adam through a class he’s failing, and Adam’s struggles grow bigger because he is falling for Trevor, a boy just as emotional as his father, Jeff. I loved Trevor. He was this mix of strong and shy living a family life that makes being the small gay nerdy teenage boy even more challenging.

Jeff and Brett pay a significant role in this story and seeing them again, in particular through the struggle of parenting, was fantastic. I can you tell as a parent they deal, especially Jeff, with Adam and his issues, with extraordinary patience. Jeff Erno is one of my favorite authors who’s writing, and storytelling is one of the best out there.

The narrator gave this story layers and life and made me react with more emotion (i.e., screaming at the counselor while driving down the road) than just reading could have. The voices were spot on for me, and the emotion he put into each line made me feel the character connection even more. I know I’ve found a new narrator that I’ll be looking for more work from and hope that the author continues to use him.


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