Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random Reviews: Senseless by Kol Anderson #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kol Anderson
Book: Senseless
Self- Published
Publication Date: June 1, 2016
Length: 133 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Jason Hamilton has been in love with his baby brother for as long as he can remember. He made it a point to pamper and protect him all his life. After the death of their parents, they’ve grown accustomed to each others love, relying on no one else but themselves. So, when eighteen year old Colton gets kidnapped from his college dorm, Jason will do anything to get him back.

Devyn Taylor has had a crush on Colton Hamilton for years. But being Jason’s friend he never had the guts to actually go ahead with what he wanted. But no matter how much he’s tried Devyn can’t seem to forget about Colton. So when some friends who got badly burned by Jason, devise a plan to kidnap his brother, Devyn realizes this is his one and only chance to get Colton.

The problem?

Colton loves his brother and isn’t even willing to give Devyn a shot.
And Devyn didn’t realize how sadistic his so-called friends are and just how serious things are about to get.


Okay so I’m for sure going to say this: HEED THE WARNINGS. It’s funny because Kol said those exact words to me before I started this.

 I have read pretty much everything out there. Every element, every scenario, every twisted thing the dark promises and yet Senseless rattled me. It was a rough read I won’t lie. Harder than any book I’ve ever read if I’m being honest.
The torture in this book is immeasurable. I honest to God have no idea how Colton lived… and does he? It’s a cliffy. Sorry. It is but I know there are 2 more books coming so don’t panic!

Here’s the thing. I KNOW the justice will be amazing because if Kol can write torture like this I have zero doubt that the justice will be the sweetest nectar to ever soothe your torn up soul.

This book will test you. It will have you choking on so many questions. You might find yourself praying… even if you don’t believe. I had to put the book down and hug my kids and shower and just look out the window to appreciate that I could see life moving about. 

This book is SO DARK! SO SO DARK! I rated it how I did because it deserved it. It made promises and it kept them. It warned and it meant it. As prepared as I was I couldn’t have been. 
To shake ME in a book it take a lot! I mean more than you know. I don’t shy away from much. I don’t freak out easily and I’m not squeamish. This book found the weakness in my barriers and breached it. It set a limit a book hasn’t done in a very long time.

For that I applaud Kol Anderson. I will never forget this book!


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  1. I actually follow you through an RSS feed rather than fb.

  2. Awesome review lovie! And the level of praise you heap on Kol is well deserved <3 he is a genius

    Thanks for sharing your review! Smooooch <3 <3 <3
    -Louis Stevens

  3. Great review. Senseless already was very high on my 'must read soon' list, and it has just jumped up a bit more. Thank you!