Friday, June 24, 2016

Morningstar's Musings ~Feature Post~ What I Love Most About Reading #Giveaway

What I Love Most About Reading

Did you ever really sit and think about what you get out of reading? I mean really think about what reading gives you? Think about what is your most favoritest part of what an author writes. We all sit and consume books like some people buy shoes or coffee (some of you are true addicts and cover all of those LOL). Well for me it isn't just about the escape of real life or even the characters journey that is so different from my own, at least it’s not that alone. When I think about what I love most or get most out of reading I think about what is it that authors are great at doing? Authors are great at one thing...bringing out emotions in us just by the words they write. Just by the people they create. 

SO what is my favorite thing about reading? My favorite thing about stories is that sweet anticipation of what is coming next. That feeling of just sitting on the edge of your seat because you can see that one moment coming. That moment that is going to fill your heart with so much happy that you clap and SQUEEEEE so loud you cover your mouth even when you know you are alone. That moment that fills your heart with so much joy and love that you can’t help smiling so big your cheeks hurt. That one moment when you are so happy that you immediately go back to read that part again and then pause to take it in. When you visualize the scene, watching their faces in your head, feeling the emotions they must be feeling at that time. Just soaking it in. That is my most favorite thing about reading.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a good heart breaking story - Yes I‘m one those people - the kind that you know you are going to tear up, cry, or do the wookie cry face so bad people are wondering if you are having a mental breakdown because your heart just broke into a million tiny pieces. I love these. I really do.

Side note: Just so you know authors are big meany pants that revel and cackle with joy in the idea of our red puffy eyes from crying and lack of sleep because of course we had to stay up all night to get the happy parts...I have been told this is a trade secret by some authors...shhhhh don’t tell anyone I told you

But what makes those heartbreaking stories the best stories are the moments when you get to sigh and clap and cheer out loud because your heart is so full it might explode from all the happy that just happened. Where you sit in awe of how they did that. How they brought you from down from the brink of utter devastation to such joy and love.

Those are my favorite things about reading. The love and joy and happy and the sighs that makes you slow down to enjoy that feeling. To stop and just feel that happy. Because when do we usually get to do that in our everyday lives? There's no pause button on the happy moments in life and sometimes it feels like the angry, sad, I just want to cocoon myself in bed feelings stick out more in real life than the happy ones. So I am a proud addict of reading because it allows me that one small moment or ten of happy that I can just pause and rewind over and over again.


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  1. I absolutely agree with you! I love that reading takes me to a happy place with a HEA. I don't read a lot of books that make me cry and I never read books without a HEA but isn't that what real life is all about? I don't need that in my reading!

  2. #readingaddict me too!! Love the worlds and characters I'm so privileged to become a part of. I feel honored that authors are willing and brave enough to take the leap and share their wonderful imaginations with us.

  3. That image with the books are better than people = so true!

    I enjoy the escape reading provides :) I have a stressful life/job, so getting to read helps me relax.

  4. I love it when I'm getting into a book everything around just disappears and you are in a space that nobody else come into. Then there's the aftermath sometimes it tears sometimes it laught or just a sigh.

  5. Reading about an experience or world that is totally different from my own.

  6. Great post! I agree with you. I love reading and getting that anticipated first kiss, that first realization of lo e. It's an escape from life or an adventure that I would never take on my own.

  7. For me what I love about reading is to be with those characters, for several hours of my day, or few days of my weeks. I love being with them, learning with them, falling in love with them, solve mystery with them, discovering new paranormal world with them ... they totally give me an adventure out of my every day life :)