Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Release Day Review: The Art of Loving by Cassidy Ryan #Review #Giveaway

Author: Cassidy Ryan
Book: The Art of Loving
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: June 14, 2016
Length: 71 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Does Asa have a life sentence doing time in the friendzone?

Asa has been in love with Theo since their art school days in London, but Theo has only ever had eyes for their straight friend Oliver. Two years ago, unable to take the pain of unrequited love any longer, Asa came home to Glasgow. He hasn’t seen Theo since, nor has he stopped loving him.

When Oliver marries Charlotte, Asa can’t come up with any reasonable excuse not to attend the wedding, so he returns to London. He isn’t exactly shocked when Theo doesn’t show up, but when he learns that the reason for Theo’s no-show is a car accident that has landed him in hospital, Asa immediately rushes to be with him.

Unable to leave Theo to fend for himself while he recovers, Asa takes his friend back to Glasgow with him.

There, secrets are revealed, and Asa learns more about Theo than he ever imagined.

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Sometimes you just need that short sweet love story to give you a pick me up and The Art of Loving is a friends to lovers novella that does just that. One of my favorite parts of friends to lovers is that there is already this wonderful friendship to build this love off of.

Asa moved back home to Glasgow two years ago because he loved his friend Theo so much and watching him love their straight friend Oliver was killing him inside. Unfortunately even after all this time just setting eyes on him or hearing his laughter brings those feelings back in focus. When Asa opens his home to Theo to stay until he has recovered from his car accident it’s like their friendship never stopped.

Theo, an artist who works in marketing, has stayed clear of men who were romantically available to him due to a past that gives him an unwillingness to trust anyone that much. But Asa was different and he lost him before he even came to realize how important he was.

I loved the banter that Theo and Asa have with each other; but you can just see even that cuts Asa and the love he holds for Theo. The only POV we get is Asa but that really isn’t a detriment to this short story because even though Asa may not see the signs, I as the reader, saw Theo’s feelings for Asa. I do wish this story was longer, more drawn out so that we could see more of the friendship between these two but also have a slower build romantic relationship since, in my opinion that is what works best with friends to lovers stories.

So if you are looking for a sweet and sexy novella to give you that pick me up and happy feelings then pick up this book because it fits that bill perfectly.


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