Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Release Day Review: Murder Most Yowl by Quinn Dressler #Review #Giveaway

Author: Quinn Dressler
Book: Murder Most Yowl
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: June 29, 2016
Length: 154 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Cat-sitting is a dangerous business.

Cameron Sherwood turned his back on law enforcement the night his investigation led to the death of an innocent gay man. Now Cam spends his time running a business that caters to his favorite animal, cats. But when Cam stumbles upon the body of a friend while feeding her feline, he can’t walk away. Dealing with a sexy yet stubborn sheriff, a matchmaking sister, and a terrifying blind date, Cam must somehow track down a killer, all while keeping the cats around him fed with his gourmet cat treats.

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I love a great murder mystery! The clues, the suspense, the characters. When you start those kinds of books you get ready to seriously focus. You think you’re Nancy Drew, Jessica Fletcher, and Columbo all in one. That is why I wanted to read Murder Most Yowl.

The two MC’s Cam and Jake were very entertaining. Cam is former NCIS, currently owning a cat store. Jake is the Sherriff of the town they live in. Theirs is an enemies to lovers sort of situation but it’s so fast moving that the enemy part doesn’t last long. Cam is hilarious, I’ll give him that. For NCIS however, he wasn’t very bright when it came to protocol, and the professionalism between Cam and Jake over a murder investigation was nonexistent. But I came for the mystery!

We have a murder, and out there somewhere is a killer. I really enjoyed the poking around it was very old fashion detective work. Problem was there was discrepancies in the story. Example without giving the story away; Cam meets a housekeeper who tells him some “rumors” and while talking explains people in the house and an incident. But when Cam hears about one of the people later in the story he doesn’t know them. I hope that makes sense. It was glaring to me. It wasn’t like he had to hide the knowing, especially when it was to Jake. If I misunderstood this whole part then that’s a bit concerning too. Regardless at that point in the book I began to worry.

The reveal itself was decent in the sense bad guy caught, but there were holes. A fair amount. The ending, which I was so excited about when the scene started, ended abruptly. Here and gone and not tied together.

All in all it was funny, and entertaining but it needs a little work. A read through perhaps that will fill the holes and, though not detrimental to the mystery, very important to the story structure.


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