Tuesday, June 7, 2016


You can now submit a book for Random Review.

What is a random review?

If you’re an author and have a book you want reviewed on Diverse Reader but don’t want to go through the whole promotional stuff or blog tour stuff. You can simply submit an ARC, or if the book has been out for a while, a copy of the book to Diverse Reader.

However, due to the fact there are only 3 reviewers on this blog at this time I can’t offer you a set time the book will be reviewed. I can promise it will be reviewed in the month you’ve submitted it though.

You will be contacted via email with a permalink to the review and a date when it will go live.

To submit an ARC or ebook to Diverse Reader email it to Diversereader@yahoo.com

Include the book (mobi or PDF please)
Your contact information
And blurb.
Please be aware this is an LGBT friendly site. We primarily focus on M/M, and other LGBT friendly books. However we are open to all things.
Thank you!

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