Sunday, June 19, 2016

Book of the Week: Seeing Red: Scorched by T.C. Orton #Review

Author: T.C. Orton
Book: Seeing Red: Scorched
Release date: May 6, 2016
Length: 337 pages


Down the twists and turns of the London alleyways, where Chinatown meets the highstreets, lies a small venue where unknown rock bands often play to crowds of less than one-hundred.

Isaac is nineteen, living on the sofa of his best friend’s brother – Eric – after his bible-loving parents tossed him aside because of his sexuality. After two years of struggling to make sense of his life, Eric and Charlotte convince Isaac to attend Red’s gig; an up and coming rock band with a small cult following.

All hell breaks loose and Isaac is left injured, with the whereabouts of his friends unknown and his body crippled on the ground. It’s then that the four members – Troy, Nicolai, Kyle and Moss – aid Isaac by infecting him with a ‘magical’ virus that grants immortality in exchange for consuming blood.

The ‘Paranorm’ world is exposed to Isaac. Vampires, werewolves and warlocks lurk in the depths of the city he has lived in his entire life, but he won’t become one with the night until he completes his nine-month transition, leaving him in the hands of the band and at the mercy of vampire politics.


OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK! I wasn’t sure I would based on the blurb. I had some doubts but I was wrong!!!!!!!! This was creative, entertaining, and wildly original!

We have all read many vampire stories. Probably enough that we may even roll our eyes when we see another being published. Well if this book is anything to go by then know it hasn’t ALL been written yet.

We have four band members of RED and one night Isaac goes out with his best friend Charlotte, and his roommate Eric, and what promises to be a fun night turns into a nightmare.

I won’t give anything away but I will tell you when Isaac wakes all is not the same and neither is he.
I adored every character in this book. That’s not easy to do. Many times I couldn't like them all or one irritated me. Nope. Each one was excellently written and they were their own character. The vampires weren’t cliché; they were unique.

Isaac has so many struggles in this story. I’m glad he didn’t just have it easy. His obstacles were real and they made sense and I was glad he had them. How he starts and how he ends is different and though my heart broke quite a few times; in the end everything was how it should be.

I do hope there are more books to this series because I have no doubt I’ll be devouring them all!

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  1. I'm not usually a vampire fan, but your review makes me want to grab this book :)