Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Author Spotlight: Grein Murray #Interview #Giveaway

Today is Saturday Author Spotlight day and I have the talented Grein Murray here today! Author of such great books as, His Fallen Angel, Joshua Series, and available on June 7th, Chaos & Hype.
We are going to take a look at Grein's work, do an interview, and of course wrap it all up in a giveaway bow.

Joshua and Max are two best friends who ran away from home and are now looking for a way out of feeling hungry, scared and being broke. When things seem dire, a man comes into their lives and offers them a deal they can’t pass up. Gay porn was something Joshua had never even thought of doing, but he knows he has to take care of Max. Joshua fears having sex with Max will complicate their best friend status. With no other options they accept the offer. Joshua and Max’s videos are some of the top sellers at the site and while Joshua enjoys sex with Max his feelings become more confusing as the man that hired them has a pull on Joshua that he’s never felt before. Joshua knows one thing, he can’t lose Max.

New Angels are created to protect mankind on Earth but the Fallen are making this task quite difficult. New Angel, Alexander, is assigned to a rapidly declining area to find out what the Fallen are up to—only he lands in the clutches of a beautiful, yet powerful, Fallen Angel. As help comes from an unlikely ally, Alexander isn’t sure if he should trust Roman or not—but what choice does he have?

Hip hop dancer, Skylar, is excited about a new job he’s gotten for the summer at a theme park near his home. This is his chance to show his family that he can make money doing what he loves. Skylar wasn’t counting on falling for Ryan, the hot, Australian dancer that he is paired up with, but the pull is too strong for him to fight.
Ryan is set to go back home to Australia after the park closes at the end of the summer. He didn’t plan on falling in love with his gorgeous dancing partner, but his heart had other ideas. As he and Skylar get closer, their impending separation starts to affect the both of them. Will they do what it takes to be together?



Grein, thank you so much for being my spotlight author this fine Saturday! I look forward to getting to know you a little more and maybe pick your brain about how yours works.
Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here!

Tell us three things about Grein the author and three things about Grein the person behind the author that we don’t know about from reading your bio. 

For Grein the author; 1. When I’m in the writing process I find it hard to read other author’s books. I think it’s because I am in my characters’s mind sets and it messes with that. 2. I cry at the sad parts in my book while I’m writing them. 3. I have pictures of my muses and where their story takes place on my computer screen when I’m writing, sometimes I’ll print them out and have them scattered across my desk.

Grein the person; 1.I love the beach and used to boogie board until I met a shark.  2. I love animals and have 6 birds and 2 dogs. (two of the birds were adopted and are special needs.) 3. I am very much a tomboy and love sports and even played ice hockey.

How do you think you’ve grown as an author from your first book to your latest? 

I think I am better able to express how my characters are feeling and describe the world around them. I hope that I’ve gotten better at showing the reader what I’m seeing in my mind. I feel I grow and learn with each book.

There are 3 books in your Joshua series can your readers expect any more and what can you tell us about what’s to come? 

I am really touched with how much my readers love the characters from my Joshua series. I had been asked about Kyle and Christopher so much that I wrote their own spin off book. I also hear a lot of request for a book about Max. I will say I have that one on my list of future projects.

If His Fallen Angel was to become a major motion picture, who would you want to direct it and who would you cast?

I am going to show my neediness a bit here, Peter Jackson to direct it. I think he’d do an amazing job with the scenes where the angels are flying. The part of Alexander would be cast to the model that I used as his muse, Emil Anderson. I just can’t see anyone else as him so hopefully he can act. For Roman I could see Alexander Koch portraying him, his eyes remind me a bit of Roman’s.

How do you celebrate a book release? 

I really don’t do anything exciting. I usually promote in some groups on Facebook then go back to writing whatever I’m working on at the time.  If a book does really well for me I will take my family out for dinner.

Can you tell us some of your all-time favorite books? 

The Hobbit was the first book I read for enjoyment. I didn’t know until that book that you could get lost inside the pages and be taken to a different place and time.

I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books at least three times and will probably read them quite a few more times.

My very first MM book I read, holds a special place in my heart, because it’s what got me into the genre, The Adorned by John Tristan.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on? 

I have the second book of His Fallen Angel completed which will probably be released a couple of months after Chaos & Hype.  I need to put the finishing touches on a vampire book, and I am currently writing book 2 for Chaos & Hype. The name of the series for those, will be The Dancer’s series.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I wanted to be a marine biologist or zoologist. I love animals and really wanted to work with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin in the wild, not train them to do tricks.

How can your readers follow you? Facebook, Twitter, Website?
Facebook page where I’m most active

Fast fire Question time:

Pizza or tacos? Pizza
Coke or pepsi? Coke
Winter or summer? Summer
Phone call or text? Text
Twitter or Instagram? Twitter
Favorite animal? Bottlenose Dolphin
Favorite color? Black
Favorite song? Touch Me by the Doors.
Favorite holiday? Christmas.

Okay, thank you SO much for being here today.
 It’s been a blast! Thank you Meredith! <3


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  1. This is an interesting interview post.
    Hi Grein, thank you for the insight of your behind the scene work. Many more success with your upcoming books! :)

  2. I enjoyed the interview and I must admit I haven't read any of your books but they sound so good so I'm adding them to my wish list.

  3. Great interview. I look forward to reading your books.

    1. Thanks so much Jennie. I'd love to know what you think after reading them.

  4. My kindle account is happy after this interview ;) I picked up the book you mentioned, The Adorned, and pre-ordered Chaos & Hype ;)
    Also got a sample of Loving Joshua.
    Love meeting other authors, especially those who write m/m. Thank you!

    1. Thank you A.D. The Adorned was such a powerful and meaningful book to me. I wish John Tristan would write more, I think he has about 6 books. Crossing my fingers you like Chaos & Hype, please enjoy it.

  5. Great interview, thanks for sharng! I love discovering new authors.

  6. That was a great interview, Grein. Though I must recognize your books are new to me... I've added them to my TBR list, because they sound so good!

  7. I liked that fast fire questions. I liked text more than phone call too. Congrats for the books

  8. Great interview and the answers are awesome!