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May Top Reads #Giveaway

Once again a month has ended, books have been read, and a Top Reads has been formed. I gots the books! LOL. It was a wonderful month of reading for me! I read 34 books this month and narrowed it down best I could. We are going to take a look at these books that really stood out this month. All of them are 5 star reads and I highly recommend. At the end I have a giveaway for you all. So, let’s get this party started!

Reaping Fate (Reaping Havoc Book 2) by AJ Rose


For Nate Koehn, the worst part of being a reaper is maintaining his compassion without becoming too involved with the souls in his charge. He’s always been sensitive to others’ hurts, and there is no hurt bigger than death, with which he’s already intimately familiar. The learning curve is steep, but the perks of the job—spending the next 300 years with the love of his life, his husband Mitch Seeker—are unmistakable. For Nate, death is a lifelong commitment.

Then Mitch is assigned to reap a serial killer’s victim.

Mitch and Nate are willing to go to just about any lengths to bring the killer to justice, but Divinity has a plan for everyone, and the reapers are at risk of being terminated themselves if they meddle too much. Mitch knows better than to tempt fate, but Nate isn’t wired to sit idly by while innocent people lose their lives to a vicious killer.

Nate sets out to balance the scales of justice for the souls in their charge, but what happens when he becomes the killer’s bug in the web? Can he stop a killer without exercising his own free will or putting those he loves in the crosshairs? Only Death knows, and he’s not talking.

Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of violence, which may be too intense for some readers. Reader discretion advised.

Learning to Love by Felice Stevens


After ten years away from home, bad boy caterer Gideon Marks has a lot to prove. Getting the holiday catering job at his childhood synagogue is the first step in demonstrating to everyone he didn’t turn out to be the failure they predicted. What he doesn’t count on is Rabbi Jonah Fine, his high school nemesis and secret crush, stirring up old feelings Gideon thought long gone and secrets he’s buried deep for years.

An unexpectedly passionate encounter shocks Gideon, but he pushes Jonah away, convinced he isn’t good enough to be in a relationship and would never be accepted by Jonah’s father. But Jonah hangs tough—he won’t allow Gideon to hide or run away from life again. And when it comes to love, Gideon learns the most important lessons aren’t always taught in school.

Paper Kisses by R.M. Grace


“Could you love a murderer?” "So you want to hear a story?" "Depends. It isn't a love story is it? I don't want to hear a love story-they're all diluted by clichés." "It's not a love story. It's about two people coming together under complicated circumstances to find they can care for one another." "Sounds like a love story." "Well, it's not. It's more a tale of survival. Do you want to hear it?"" Dark Winters, an eight year-old from Coventry, is set to go on holiday with his parents. In a rush, they pack their bags and head into the storm in search of The Jurassic Coast's warm beaches. They have only been driving for twenty minutes when they hit something in the road that changes their lives forever. Dark finds himself in a strange building with no idea how he got there and, to his growing horror, his parents are no longer with him. But when he hears movement above his head, it dawns on him he is not alone . . . After enduring over nine years in his new home, the last thing Dark wants is to develop feelings for his captor. Yet, he is helpless to prevent his feelings--it's almost as though fate is at work. Now, all he has to do is find a way to get the nastiest person he's ever met to notice him. This book is intended for a mature audience with scenes some people may find offensive.

WANT by Kade Boehme


D is tired of playing games.

Dante "D" Vargas is home in Miami, to stay. He has a job he likes as the new head of bonds and bounty for Mack's Security and after six years of making a mess with Trevor Mackentire, he's ready—he thinks they're both ready—for them to stop playing around and figure out if what they have is real. But Trevor is his boss's son and his best friend's younger brother so it's not as easy as taking what he wants.

Especially when he also has to convince Trevor he's over being afraid of his feelings and not everything is what it seems.

Trevor wants the D(ante).

Finally healthy and whole again after the effects of a major car accident, Trevor's tired of being treated like a child by everyone he loves. He's been handling his own for a long time. But he's lonely. Trevor knows he shouldn't keep setting himself up to be hurt by D's hot-and-cold routine, but he's cared for the man forever, and lusted for him even longer.

Yes, they set each other on fire, but old fears, old wounds, and being stuck in a game of push and pull makes it feel impossible to get it together. Maybe they should just well enough alone.

It'd be easier if every meeting, every taste didn't leave them wanting more.

Kestrel’s Talon (The Stonewatchers book 1) by Bey Deckard


Following the Prentish/Nemarri war, Kes is rejected by his homeland under the guise of religious purity laws. Though he's spared execution, the proud Nemarri's fate is only marginally more merciful than death when he is sold into sexual slavery at a prosperous pleasure house.

Despite his stoic endurance, Kes knows he’s reaching his breaking point, but there is nothing he can do—there is no path to freedom in the Holy Prentish Empire, only a lifetime of humiliating servitude.

That is, until a beautiful young slave and his formidable master approach Kes in the marketplace and make an astonishing offer to take him home with them. The only problem: “home” is the accursed Horthmont Castle from the scare-stories of Kes’s childhood.

Thrown into a world of living myth, powerful magic, and ancient gods, Kes learns the secrets kept hidden by Horthmont’s thick blackstone walls. There he discovers something he thought he’d never know again: hope for the future.

Sometimes Love Lasts by Jake Wells


For Rone Forrester, life as a high school student is a roller coaster ride. Though he’s intelligent, good-looking, and athletic, true happiness eludes him. He’s lost his mother to cancer, his hypercritical father is a tyrant, and he spends most of his free time taking care of his little brother, Eli. And to make matters worse, Rone begins to have romantic feelings for his best friend, Carson Harrington.

When Rone is inadvertently outed, his life swirls into turmoil. His father’s homophobia and Rone’s embarrassment at the thought of facing Carson force him to flee to Los Angeles, where he hopes to find a safe haven. Instead, he quickly learns that every moment is dangerous for a homeless teenager. As time passes, Rone navigates through multiple challenges, makes friends who love him for who he is, works hard to achieve his goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon—with all its inherent triumphs and tragedies—and overcomes a failed relationship. Ultimately, his journey teaches him that in order to fulfill his dreams, he has to come to terms with his past.

Timing by Ashley John


When it comes to love, is timing everything?

Tom doesn’t have time for a relationship – not now that his fingers are practically touching the promotion he’s spent years chasing. His weekdays are consumed by desperately fighting for his editor’s attention and his weekends are wasted alone with meals for one and his cat for company.

All Cole has ever wanted is to work on the farm he was raised on, but money is tighter than ever and he is forced to get a job in a bar to keep a roof over him and his auntie’s heads. Time is running out for the farm but he spends his days dreaming about a future he thinks he’ll never have.

After an unexpected collision at the village train station, their lives suddenly become connected when Cole clumsily spills his coffee on Tom and it sets into motion something greater. Tom is wary of listening to his heart and Cole is distracted by the threat of losing everything. Each possesses something the other desperately needs, but can they ignore bad timing to listen to their hearts?

Neon White Season One by Wulf Francu Godgluck


Detective Raven White was just a regular detective until the Revelation came and bitch slapped the human race so hard they saw the other side.

Now, four years later Raven is forced to work as an Enforcer, dealing solely in crime cases of the supernatural and paranormal. But a new case is ripping open his own past, as the circumstances sting close to an old scar still healing on his heart.

Yet the world is stirring, other missing cases of supernaturals have been plaguing the community and as Raven pursues his leads, they might just turn around and bite him, delivering one nasty poison, complaints straight from Hell.

Bla'Gar, the Callous One, had been banished to earth a long time ago. He would not deny that his time on the earth realm had not been favorable. Yet one encounter with a beautiful human man plunges him right back into his own personal hell.

Sweeping a mere mortal off his feet and making him fall in love with you, is harder done than said. Especially if your lungs burn like ash and your heart bleeds with love for the first time in what feels like forever.

But Life and Death is an infinite circle, spinning and chasing each other, forever to catch up with the other... And it seems so it has with Bla’Gar’s beloved pet.

Believing Blue (Manchester Ménage Collection book 3) by Nicole Colville


Is there a fated path we follow, or is it simply a series of coincidental events?

Police officer Kellan Howard is rumoured to have spent too much time in sub-zero temperatures, leaving him with a block of ice for a heart and women lining up to help thaw it. Mountain climbing is his only love, leaving no time for a relationship, and although meaningless sex satisfies his physical need, it’s empty. When he attends a fatal traffic accident, he didn’t expect his entire life to change. Along with a final message, Kellan is offered something else from the dying man: the chance to fall in love. Kellan’s never considered being with a man, but when he meets Valentino, he’s instantly drawn to him.

Suffering from crippling agoraphobia, talented Italian artist Valentino has a solitary existence, only experiencing life outside the house through his partner Stuart. When their relationship comes to an abrupt end, Kellan helps ease his suffering. A deep bond binds the two men together, and the sexual tension can’t be denied, but Valentino questions if the distance between their very different lives is too much, and if they can bridge the gap by themselves.

Ballet dancer Blue has a vibrant personality which demands attention, but his humour and courageous attitude are a shield. Blue’s good at making others believe in themselves, but what he needs is someone to believe in him. He could be the bridge both men are looking for, but Blue’s never allowed anyone to get too close, and when Kellan and Valentino enter his life, he desperately tries to protect his heart and his secrets.

When all three meet, the chemistry is undeniable, but each have fears about moving forwards. Together, they learn love comes in many forms. It can’t be restrained or labelled, and it doesn’t always appear in the way you first imagined.

**Blue is a standalone book, and although characters from previous books do make an appearance, it won't spoil their stories if you choose to read them afterwards.**

Test Drive (Crossroads Series Book 3) by Riley Hart


A double shot of devastating news turns Justin Evanson’s life upside down. When he learns his father has cancer, and he has siblings he never knew existed, he leaves everything behind and moves to Virginia to support his dad as he tries to make amends with his family—a family Justin’s not sure he has a place in. Things go from bad to worse when he discovers his recent hookup is his newfound sister’s brother-in-law.

Drew Sinclair never expected to see Justin after their night at the club or to discover their family connection. If anyone found out, it would give Drew’s brother another reason to hate him. But there’s something about Justin that draws him in, and it’s not only because they burn up the sheets together.

One meeting leads to another, and before Justin realizes it, Drew has become the only thing in his world he feels is his. And for the first time in his life, Drew knows what it means to be needed. Being there for Justin and supporting him when things spiral out of control feels right. But with so much happening so quickly, it’s hard to trust their feelings. Is this thing between them real? Or just a test drive before life forces them down two separate roads?

Betrayed (Bound Gods book 3) by Adrienne Wilder


Bound Gods: Book 3 Betrayed

The stakes are rising.

As the god-son closes in leaving more bodies in its wake, treason and betrayal against the Association is unveiled. An inquiry for the Goddesses has been called, threatening everything Leo holds dear.

And the Chimera is not about to let go without a fight.

Despite the dangers lurking in the shadows, Leo wants his doxie Kaleb to think of only one thing. Him. His training. His purpose. And embrace the reality of what he is and not be ashamed of his attraction to Aaron, the doxie tossed aside by Sol.

Attraction is one thing. Bringing the boy to their bed is something else entirely. Kaleb can’t possibly want anyone but Leo. A lie Kaleb will pay dearly for. Penance Leo will be more than happy to deliver.

But penance for a lie will pale in comparison to what Kaleb must do to keep Sol from taking Aaron away, and invoking the Chimera into a lifetime in chains.


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  1. OMG so many! LOL
    Lonely Hearts and Short Stay by Heidi Cullinan
    The Harvest Young: Bound by Fate by M.A. Church
    Five-Sided Heart by Max McGowan
    Darkness Threatening by Dirk Greyson
    Test Drive by Riley Hart
    Learning to Love by Felice Stevens
    The Journey of Jimini Renn by April Kelley
    Signs by Anna Martin
    The Men of Halfway House Series by Jaime Reese
    Spencer Cohen Series by N.R. Walker
    And many more!!!

  2. Want by Kade Boehme
    Beauty, Inc by Tara Lain
    Sutphin Boulevard by Santino Hassell

  3. False Start by Alison Hendricks (Eastshore Tigers #2)
    The Only One Who Cares by Cat Grant (The Only One #3)
    The Last Favor by Meg Harding
    Hotter with a Pole by Delilah Devlin (Firehouse 69 #2), etc.

  4. You never fail to make my TBR list grow, Mere!

  5. I didn't get much read in May, but loved Fire and Snow by Andrew Grey and Crossroads by Riley Hart.

    Thank you for the giveaway,

    Elizabeth gray

  6. Learning to Love by Felice Stevens, The Howl at the Moon series by Eli Easton, WANT by Kade Boehme and Devil's Kiss by Ella Frank.

  7. Darkness Threatening by Dirk Greyson
    Dawn and Dusk by Dirk Greyson
    Test Drive by Riley Hart
    Speechless by Nicole Edwards (yayyy for winning an ARC!!)
    The Infected Holiday Special by Andrea Speed
    The Beta's Test by Dessa Lux
    Hexbreaker by Jordan L Hawk

  8. i loved test drive but i have read alot of these on the list

  9. OMG so many!

    Discovering Dalton by: Nicole Colville
    Believing Blue by: Nicole Colville
    Missionary (Wilde's 5.5) by: L.A.Witt
    Chyna Doll by: Mickie B. Ashling
    ’Til Death Do Us Part by: Addison Albright
    Dare To Hope by: TM Smith
    Three of a Kind by: Sean Michael
    Love Comes To Light by: Andrew Grey
    Life, Some Assembly Required by: Kaje Harper
    Te Quiero by: Suki Fleet
    Want by: Kade Boehme
    Dear Stranger by: Sid Love

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  11. Lots of great books came out in May and so many I've enjoyed.
    "The Spencer Cohen Series", "Root Code Book Two: Fall And Rising" Sunny Moraine, "Grizzly Rim Series" by Mia West and "Fire Up My Heart" Ista Idonea and "Carlisle Cops Book Four: Fire And Snow" by Andrew Grey

  12. Power Play by Avon Gale and How to Wish Upon a Moon by Eli Easton