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Saturday Author Spotlight: Clare London #Interview #Giveaway

My author Saturday Spotlight this week is Clare London. Author of True Colors, 72 Hours, Sparks Fly, and so many other outstanding books! It's a great honor to have her here and if you haven't had the chance to read her stuff, by the end of this, I'm sure you will. We will look at her work, do an interview, and give someone a chance to win something awesome in a giveaway. Let's get this party started.

The past always catches up with you. Max Newman should know—he’s been running from his ever since he dropped out of Uni and made a disastrous move to the seedier side of London. Now he’s returned to Brighton to lick his wounds. Though Max believes the club scene is better left behind him, one night he lets his friends drag him out dancing. And suddenly the simple life he’s tried to lead gets complicated.

At Compulsion, the Medina Group’s newest hotspot, Max meets Seve Nunez, a member of the Medina management and a man used to taking what he wants. The sexual chemistry between Max and Seve immediately leads to an intimate encounter in the backyard of the club—just the kind of dangerous behavior Max tried to leave behind. Despite that, he can't help but crave more, and Seve seems just as eager.

But Max soon suspects that Seve may not be the scrupulous businessman he claims. Max has seen the Medina Group at work before, and what he saw got a good friend killed. He's not sure what future he has with Seve, but he'll have to decide whether to trust in Seve’s innocence or keep running. The wrong choice could land them both in mortal danger.

From the very first, Zeke Roswell and Miles Winter are like oil and water. After a tragic fire claimed his brother's life, Zeke's personal and professional life spiraled out of control, and now he has no choice but to sell his gallery to cover his debts. Enter successful entrepreneur Miles, who buys it and plans to make a commercial success out of Zeke's failure. Their initial hostility stands no chance against the strong passion that ambushes them. Zeke's talent and lust for life intoxicate Miles, and Zeke finds Miles' self-assurance and determination equally fascinating. But it's not until an unsolved mystery of violence and stolen sketches threatens to sabotage any chance at happiness that Miles and Zeke realize they have a chance at all.

Bryan Harrison is a successful accountant and a man who admires order and self-discipline. It’s a startling break from his routine when he literally bumps into Phiz Bussman outside With A Kick. Phiz’s lifestyle and behaviour are in complete contrast to Bryan’s, and appear totally chaotic. But they each recognise something in the other that they need.
Bryan has been helping With A Kick with its financial difficulties, and is finding it difficult to balance his professional persona with friendship with the owners. But then he’s always found it tricky to expose his more vulnerable feelings. His cool facade hides loneliness: he believes he’ll never find a lover who accepts and welcomes his secret desire.

Whereas Phiz is all about exposure! He’s defined by his cheerful but clumsy liveliness, his open-hearted emotions, and his physical needs. Despite that, he’s lonely as well. He craves someone who will help him bring purpose and focus into his life, and admits freely he needs a firm hand – in every way.
If they can both accept a friendship that’s destined for more, Bryan may be just the man to provide it.


Clare, I want to thank you so very much for being my spotlight author today. You’ve written so many wonderful stories and shared your talent with so many I’d like to ask you some questions and see if we can’t figure out how you tick.

Thank *you* for inviting me, it’s always good to chat. And I love visiting the blog!

I’d like to start off by just getting to know the person behind the writer. SO when you aren’t writing fantastic books what makes you fill a day?

Like so many people nowadays – and especially authors! – I’m a juggler. That doesn’t mean I joined the circus! just that I have many things going on that have to be balanced. I left full-time work in 2014 but I’m still running a part-time accountancy business so that keeps me busy. Plus I have 2 sons in their 20s – one at work locally, one at University – so there’s plenty of family management to enjoy!

For me, I’ll read anything. I don’t have many if any restrictions. What are some of your all-time favorite kinds of books?

I’m the same. If you’re a real fan of reading, I think you can enjoy any genre. But I suppose my favourites are crime novels, books by many of my fellow MM authors, and thrillers in audiobook.
I like different themes at different times, too! The thrillers are the best for me to listen to while I’m driving; crime novels are great for journeys on public transport; and the romance genre is for my cozy bedtime reading. And the edgier stuff? Well, any time really :D.

I’ve heard people say that starting a book is the hardest, others say maintaining the pace is hard, and others say ending a book is difficult. What is the hardest part for you?

The start is relatively easy for me, because that’s the exciting part! The plot and the characters have so much to say. And the end is often clear in my mind already. But maintaining the story through the middle of the manuscript is *hard*. I joke in my bio about getting stuck at the Chapter 3 stage, but it’s true. It’s at that stage I have to tighten up an outline and push my way through to make it a good book, not just a series of scenes.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Taking a long lunch in the middle of a writing day to watch episodes of a TV series, back-to-back. I love the Scandinavian crime series, but I appreciate they’re too slow and dark for many viewers, so I watch them when I can wallow in it, and the rest of the family don’t wander in and out of the room, obscuring the subtitles!

Authors fangirl too, who have you had the pleasure to meet in this genre that made you freak out like a teenager at a One Direction concert?

I’m British: we’re not natural squee-ers LOL. But I remember sidling over to Marie Sexton at Yaoi Con years ago – whom I’d never met before - to say how much I loved her character Cole. I felt a complete fool! but like all authors, we love to talk about our books with fans, and we had a good chat.
And in other genres, I won’t even mention how I stalked poor Ilona Andrews at lunch at Romantic Times convention last year. Or the fact I all-but-forced my book Freeman on Lee Child at one of his signings! (in both cases, they were totally charming to me!).

Who would you love to collaborate on a book with?

I’m looking forward to a collaboration with RJ Scott this year, and still enjoying collaboration with Sue Brown. But I’d love to do more writing with Jordan Castillo Price – she has high standards and brings out the best in me!

Can you tell us what you are currently working on?

2016 is proving to be a busy year! I’m just finishing #8 in the self-published With A Kick series, Double Scoop. At last Patrick and Lee get their own story! I’m also editing my first contribution to the Dreamspinner Press: Dreamspun Desires line – Romancing the Wrong Twin – and starting on my next one. Add to that the collaboration I’m doing with RJ Scott on an MM romance title, and a series of novellas I’m re-editing and re-publishing with Dreamspinner… and yes, there’s a lot going on.

What do you think is your greatest strength? 

Persistence. You need that for a career in writing LOL.

How can your readers and fans follow you through social media? Website, FB, Twitter…

I love to hear from readers / other authors / anyone really! LOL Please feel free to get in touch:

Thank you, Clare, for taking time out to talk with me!!


Clare London will gift
a copy of Slap and Tickle in whatever format you like, PLUS the recent short story update on Phiz and Bryan, SMACK HAPPY.


A Valentines Day short story
Phiz can’t always control his hyperactivity and propensity for chaos. But he no longer has to feel marginalised because of it, not now he has Bryan for a friend and lover. Bryan’s calm, ordered attitude is the perfect foil for Phiz: and Bryan’s private desire for kink is just what Phiz needs to keep him grounded. This Valentine’s Day, Phiz wants to give Bryan a special gift, but Bryan can’t be tempted away from his work. At least, not until he opens Phiz’s gift and realises love means… taking time away to play.


All BUY LINKS for the series at:

Slap and Tickle is one of a series of romance novellas, written in turn with Sue Brown, all set around an alcoholic ice cream shop in Soho, London called With A Kick. Come and read your favorite flavor!

Contest will run until  March 18th. Winner will be notified via email so please check your spam.

I really want to thank Clare for being here today and being awesome! 
Good luck everyone!

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