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Promotional Post: For the Love of Women Vol 2 Anthology by Kat Watson & Toira O'Brady #Excerpt #Review #Giveaway

For the Love of Women: Volume 2, is set to be released 03/22/16. It is co-written by Kat Watson and Toira O'Brady. It has over six pieces, over 20,000 words, and just over 50 pages.

Here is the blurb for this anthology, including an excerpt for each piece:

A brand-new, six-story lesbian-themed anthology from Kat Watson and Toira O’Brady is being released March 22, 2016! The stories in this anthology vary deliciously from science fiction to straight-up erotica—there’s something for everyone. 

In She Marries Her, a southern bride juggles dealing with her overbearing mother and the stress of planning her dream wedding. Thankfully, she’s picked the right partner—one who can distract her from everything else and remind her why a wedding is happening in the first place. This piece of erotica with a heart will get your pulse racing.

“Please,” I begged again, knowing she’d know what I meant. I wanted more, needed more, and couldn’t relax until I got it. 

“I know, baby. Be patient. We’ll get there.”

A piece about pain, loss, and healing, Are Angels Allowed to Swear? is a complicated work of erotic fiction.

Our bodies swayed together, and each time she tried to take control, I pulled it right back. I’m sure to anyone else, it was a hilarious power struggle, but for us, it was serious. The back and forth of it made me want her even more, that she would dare to test and try. It had been a long time since anyone tested me.

“You’ll come home with me?” she asked in my ear as the song ended. 

Scars of War takes us on an otherworldly journey of an Oracle and a Warrior, their forbidden love, and the lengths we go to—the sacrifices we make—in order to protect those we love.

We all know the shield can’t hold against a Category Serra for more than a sleep cycle. I put my full focus into the one my lips are on. We don’t need to stray, just need to feel each other. I lean her against the Xylo tree. She chuckles and begins to make her way down to the ground. We kiss, caressing each other as if it will be the last time our lips meet. I try again to open up and start a convo, but she just kisses me harder, with more passion. I can feel the heat radiating off her, making the suns feel like the cold recesses of the dark time. I lose all focus and let my words fall away. I do not have to say a thing. I know, as she does, that each time our lips touch could be the last time. We are loving on borrowed time. 

New lovers, Jane and Ava, are still learning about each other. In Beautifully Exposed, Ava takes Jane on a journey of self-discovery and challenges Jane’s deeply held beliefs about herself and beauty.

For hours, Ava concentrated and tried not to allow Jane’s body to distract her. At times, she failed; her paintbrush would fall to the floor and she’d nip at the skin of Jane’s breast, teasing the nipple to a peak and then waiting patiently while she painted as it returned to normal, only to tease the woman again mercilessly on her next round of distraction.

Wava and Claire tells the timeless tale of love between two women. Wava has lost everything in her life; she can’t afford to lose Claire, too.

This part of the hospital is quiet; this is where you come to die. I look into Claire’s room, and I can feel the tears slipping down my cheeks. She is but a wisp of the woman she once was, the woman I fell in love with. Her face is gaunt, her body frail. She has a vibrant scarf wrapped around her head. I take a deep breath, reminding myself I have to be brave for her. I walk into the room and make my way to the bed. I take her hand and lean down, kissing her softly. A smile floats across her face. She can’t open her eyes. I can smell it on her; her time is near. I have to bite down on the inside of my cheek to keep the tears from spilling. I kiss her again, and the smile floats across her face once more. She tries to say something, but I put a finger to her lips.

Travel with Carlie to Bora Bora in The Beach, where she meets Zoan and her group of Aussie friends. They sneak away for privacy, and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. 

“My bungalow is just over there. Want to take a swim?” I ask. She nods and we begin to swim.

“Oye, ya bastard, be careful!” Muscles yells after us.

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I read Vol 1 a while back and really enjoyed it. I don't read a lot of F/F books... Which I can't figure out why. But in Vol 1 I found so much love, pain, healing, and romance. The same is to be said about Vol 2. These women, every single one, is different. Each carries a story, a burden. Some are a balm to the others burn. There's so much love throughout this anthology it gives you hope no matter who you are. Each short story in this could be lengthy novels and with the ending of each one I want more. That's a sign of a great story. If F/F is something you've always wanted to read but never knew where to start this anthology, as well as 1, are perfect introductions. Kat and Toira have done an excellent job with this anthology.

Author Bios:

Toira O’Brady has been writing her entire life, from stories inspired by the castles of her motherland, Ireland, to epic space odysseys. This anthology marks Toira’s return to prose—she had been swept away by Hollywood, spending her days as a script doctor. When Toira isn’t writing, you can find her rock climbing, playing with her children, or baking up delicious goodies. 

Kat Watson has written For the Love of Women Volume 1, and Something More, as well contributing to several other mass-market published anthologies. She loves coffee, her daughter, and almost everything about her life in Colorado.

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