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Book1TITLE: Territory of Angels

SERIES: A:R Heaven #1

AUTHOR: Tricia Owens


LENGTH: 84000 words.

RELEASE DATE: March 03, 2016

BLURB: Can Angels fall in love with a former shoe salesman?

Ryan thought becoming an Angel would be easy. Well, besides the whole dying part. But it's difficult when he's hounded by bouts of insecurity and a secret, unrequited love. The only good thing to happen to him is his friendship with the lovable Angel Finnian. But Finnian is lover to the Commander of Heaven's Army: Anifiel, the most magnificent Angel in Heaven. Anifiel doesn't approve of his lover befriending a measly human, unfortunately, and when Finnian's curiosity about Earth compels him to leave Heaven and investigate, Anifiel blames Ryan's bad influence. Ryan doesn't know how to appease the fearsome if hunky Angel. Everything that Ryan does is wrong in the great Angel's eyes. It doesn't help that every time Anifiel draws near, Ryan is overcome with a lust too powerful to resist, a lust that Anifiel resents. Can Ryan manage to behave long enough to find a way to bring Finnian back? Or is Ryan doomed to remain a human in Heaven, never quite good enough for anyone?

Contains m/m, m/m/m scenes. Non-religious.

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Book2TITLE: Spoils of War

SERIES: A:R Heaven #2

AUTHOR: Tricia Owens


LENGTH: 57000 words.

RELEASE DATE: March 03, 2016

BLURB: Angels make eager lovers. Maybe too eager...

While the human Ryan has made an enemy of the greatest Angel in Heaven--Anifiel, the Commander of Heaven's Army--Ryan has somehow managed to befriend Anifiel's kind and gentle battle companion, Vithius. Ryan adores the handsome Angel and is all too happy to teach Vithius the ways that humans make love. But how much knowledge is too much? Is he corrupting Vithius as Anifiel has accused? Meanwhile, Demons are beating at the gates of Heaven with renewed aggression. Vithius believes he knows why the Demons are so determined, but Anifiel and Ryan refuse to listen to his theory, afraid to believe what it signifies about their relationship to each other. Can Vithius bring the three of them together? Or will the desire that they continue to resist bring down the entirety of Heaven?

Contains m/m, m/m/m scenes. Non-religious.

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(From: Territory of Angels)

Anifiel watched him steadily. "What was this joke?"

Ryan swallowed hard. "We were looking at a tattoo parlor. He saw someone with a piercing. A nipple piercing. When I showed him mine, he acted like he wanted one, too."

Golden brows stabbed together. "What is a nipple piercing?"

Ryan stopped breathing for a second. Oh, no. "It's—it's when you put jewelry through your, um, nipple." He could feel himself blushing furiously at the thought of Anifiel imagining what his nipple looked like.

"You say you have this? Show me."

Ryan shook his head and wrapped an arm around his chest. "No."

He yelped when Anifiel dropped on him without warning, pinning him on his back to the cloud.

"Get off me!" Ryan gasped as he tried to buck the Angel off.

Heavy limbs effectively brought his thrashing to an end. Panting, Ryan found himself trapped with his wrists above his head in one of Anifiel's hands. The Angel's other hand, to his horror, tugged at the neck of Ryan's tunic.

"What are you doing?" Ryan asked, incredulous.

Anifiel ignored him, frowning as he seemed to realize he could not lower Ryan's tunic while his arms were held above his head. "My apologies," he muttered with that same lack of sincerity as earlier. Ryan twitched as Anifiel grabbed hold of the neck of his tunic and simply ripped through it.

Ryan stared up at Anifiel, wide-eyed at what he'd done. This was his fantasy, and yet the reality scared him down to his toes. To be this vulnerable to the Commander was both the hottest experience of Ryan's life (and death) and the most terrifying.

The Angel's green eyes rounded for a split second as they latched onto the silver hoop adorning Ryan's chest.

"This is what Finnian desired?" Anifiel looked dumbfounded. "Why would he want this?"

In a voice laced with nerves, Ryan told him. "He thought it was pretty. And when I told him that it feels good, he was curious about that, too."

Green eyes flicked up to him. "It feels good? In what way?" Without waiting for an answer, Anifiel flicked the ring with his index finger.

Ryan gasped loudly and pushed his hips up. He'd never reacted this intensely to someone touching the ring, but something about the fact that it was Anifiel—the fear of being hurt by him, maybe—made Ryan's cock surge to a full erection.

"Get off!" he all but yelled, panicking. "Get off me!"

"Human lusts," Anifiel said coldly, eyes narrowing to slits. "Always it is about your corruption. Is this how you seduced my consort? By offering him pleasure of this sort? Did you give him an example of how it would be?"

Ryan shook his head vehemently. He needed Anifiel to get off him. The Angel's pelvis was pressed against his own and it was all Ryan could do not to pump against him and find relief for his throbbing cock. It was bad enough that Anifiel had aroused him and could feel it. But now Ryan had to fight his own body's demand for more than that.

"Get off," he pleaded. "Please, Anifiel."

Something thick and drugging moved through Ryan's veins. His inhibitions began to dissolve like mist, replaced by a growing desire. He felt strange, and yet not bad, as if he'd just taken a hit of Ecstasy. In fact, it began to feel incredible…He rolled his hips up into Anifiel's and groaned at the beautiful friction against his cock. Oh, yes.

"What are you doing down there?" Anifiel asked. "Why do you rub against me so?"

Ryan was in no state of mind to be giving lessons. "Because it…feels good," he moaned.

"This is what Finnian asked me for," Anifiel murmured. Even through the lusty fog enveloping his brain, Ryan heard the wonder and resentment vying for dominance within Anifiel. "He wanted to make love as you humans do. He was dissatisfied with me because of you!" The Angel gripped Ryan by the hair. "Show me your filthy human lust."


Tricia has been writing m/m fiction since 2002 when she opened her fiction website JuxtaposeFantasy to great success. She later partnered to create Joyboy Island. After a decade of writing for the sites, Tricia decided business demands were distracting her from producing novels, so she closed the sites and now writes at her leisure. Tricia has been a casino games dealer in Las Vegas and the onboard editor for a cruise ship. An avid traveler, Tricia has visited over 70 countries and tries to include aspects of her global experience in her books. Tricia's m/m book series include Sin City, about bodyguards for the rich and famous in Las Vegas, and Juxtapose City, set in a futuristic world which includes telepaths and empaths.

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Winner’s Prize: E-copy (PDF) of Book 1 & Book 2 in the series

Runners Up Prize: E-copy (PDF) of Territory of Angels

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