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Series Review Tour: Matchmaker Series by G.R. Lyons #Review #Giveaway

Matchmakers Series

Second Chances (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Second Drafts (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Second Place (Book #3) Amazon US | Amazon UK

Second Chances 

Nineteen-year-old porn star Remy Dawes loves his job at Matchmakers, a gay nightclub, but the fantasy he portrays every night doesn't leave room for what he really wants: companionship, love, someone to come home to, someone just for him. Who would ever take seriously a kid who practically sells his body for others' pleasure?

Thirty-five-year-old Chance Whitaker has sworn off dating younger men after having been cheated on one too many times, until the owner of Matchmakers convinces him to take a chance on Remy Dawes, a gorgeous kid who surprises Chance at every turn.

As things fall apart through meddling, death, and betrayal, will there be a second chance for two people to find love?

Second Drafts 

Novelist Shain Ahren is committed to only one thing: himself. Living alone and having an endless string of one-night stands, Shain's carefully crafted routine ensures no one will ever control him again. But one trick he met at Matchmakers, years ago, he can't get out of his head.

Painter Elliden Crawford yearns to be controlled. Born with an extreme chemical imbalance, Elliden struggles to keep the fits at bay so he won't be a danger to others. Only once in his life did Elliden ever truly feel safe, just one night when he met a stranger at Matchmakers.

When Matchmakers brings them together again, Elliden finally gets what he needs, while Shain's world is thrown into complete disarray. Will Shain ever relinquish control, or will they be fated to remain a discarded first draft?

Second Place

Danny Berringer lives up to the name of his nightclub. Ever since he cheated on Bryan, the love of his life, he's been making up for it by helping others find love. He even matched up Bryan with Eric Grant, except Bryan's perfect marriage seems to have fallen apart, and Danny is dying to know why. He doesn't get couples wrong. Ever.

Bryan Landry had his heart broken by Danny, then had it put back together by Eric, but he can't have Eric anymore, and it's all his fault. He spends his nights at Matchmakers having random tricks and trying to avoid Danny, but the meddlesome matchmaker won't leave him be.

Thrown together through guilt, death, and temptation, Bryan denies his feelings while Danny clings to dreams of Bryan's forgiveness. Will Danny always lose, or can he win second place in Bryan's heart?


I was given this trilogy as a series review. Because each is sold seperate I figured I'd summarize my thoughts of each one and then do an overall review of it as a set.

Second Chances
This is book one of the trilogy. If I had to choose a few words to describe this book I'd say very dramatic, overly in many spots, serious miscommunication between characters, and frustrating.

Just from glancing at the burb I had a feeling these characters would clash here and there. Remy is the saving grace of this story in my opinion. His maturity, his huge heart, and his internal strength. This character had so much sadness in his life. At time it felt like Remy was a doormat and that was part of the frustration for me.

The writing was super confusing with the days and such. It's not a world like our but is.... I know, I can't explain it. Go to the glossery! It's a second chance book... well more like a tenth chance book.

Second Drafts
We're still dealing with the oddity of the different world/day/ week thing in book two. This will be a constant. Creative, yes, but it's clear to me that this is one of those things that will have to grow on you.

I actually liked this book more than book one. The drama was still over the top in places but I felt like the characters were quicker in finding their groove, or the style and world building was just settling in.

Shain and Ellidan are really a great couple. Shain was the victim of all my cursing while Ellidan was the one I felt needed all my hugs. Good addition to the trilogy.

Second Place
This is the finale to the trilogy. It is by far the most angsty of the three. I recognize characters who cheat are a "no go" for a lot of readers and I was nervous to say the least. But I have read the first two and I was invested so I bit the bullet and dove in.

Trying to redeem an already judged character is not easy. The worry wasn't totally necessary. Danny is trying to make up for all the pain he's caused in his life. I actually ended up admiring him and that truly shocked me.

The author ends this trilogy with a lot of ups, and downs, and ups again. Very emotional and heartbreaking is a million places. All of it works toward an HEA but you do WORK for it.

This is a good trilogy. High on the emotion, drama, and angst scales. Everything was just a bit over the top and I would have liked to see some of these characters act like human beings more than they did. So often things could have been avoided or less confusing had they taken a step back. I recognize that if they all acted mature there would be no conflict. Conflict is okay, but there was just too much. I do recommend this trilogy as long as you can set aside your thoughts on what it is you would have done in a lot of these situations. If you love emotional books that make you cry and yell then be sure to grab this.

Author Bio

While daylighting as office manager for the family auto repair business, G.R. Lyons can often be found working on one of multiple manuscripts or desperately trying to keep up with the TBR pile.

Anarcho-capitalist, quietly ‘out’ trans guy, former belly dancer, coffee guzzler, highly-sensitive introvert, CrossFit enthusiast, and lover of m/m romantic fiction.


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