Thursday, September 28, 2017

Release Day Review & Exclusive Giveaway: Uniting the Souls by Annabella Michaels #Review #Giveaway

Author: Annabella Michaels
Book: Uniting the Souls
Series: Souls of Chicago #6
Self Published
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
Publication date: September 28, 2017
Length: 239 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


As the owner of Agape House, a center for Chicago’s LGBTQ youth, Matt worked tirelessly to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for the kids who called the center home. He put his heart and soul into helping the teens in his care, pushing aside his own pain. A pain that no one knew about, not even his closest friend, Isaac.
When Isaac first arrived at Agape House in need of shelter, the first person he saw was Matt. Isaac could tell that Matt was a good man and as he got to know him better, he began to trust him and the two became close friends. As an adult, Isaac began working at the center, wanting to give back to the place and the man who had saved his life. Over time, his feelings for Matt grew, but he wasn’t sure if Matt would ever see him as more than just a friend.
Dr. Hudson Westley was impressed when he heard from his friends about the work being done at Agape House so he decided to check it out for himself in the hopes of volunteering his counseling services. He was excited to help the LGBTQ youth from his home city. However, he wasn’t expecting the visceral reaction he had to both Isaac and Matt when they met.
The attraction between the three men was immediate and powerful, taking them all by surprise, especially Matt who not only found himself drawn to Hudson, but began to see Isaac through new eyes as well. There was obviously something special between them, but would Matt be able to let go of his past in order to create a future? Would Isaac finally open up about what happened that led him to Agape House all those years ago, and could Hudson be strong enough to hold them all together, creating a love like they’ve never known and uniting their souls?


Menage is pretty much my favorite genre/trope to read. The psychology of it fascinates me and if done right, all pieces fall into an amazing place. Because of my deep love for it I have become incredibly picky about it. Too often I will read a book where the focus is mainly on sex or just communication. Separate, each are great but to make any relationship work they need to meld together.

Uniting the Souls really checked off every box for me. Hudson, Matt, and Isaac were not just perfect for each other, but they came together seamlessly.

 When the book starts the prologue shows us Hudson, Matt, and Isaac coming face to face with each other for the first time. Even though Matt and Isaac have known each other for years it's like they see each other for the first time too. It was in the early moments I realized how the author was going to make this work.

There is no established couple that brings in a third. This is three people coming together... uniting... at the same exact time. Each man has a backstory that will fracture your heart. But, out of all of them I felt Isaac's story was the most gutwrenching. I sobbed, truly. I needed to wait until I could see clearly to continue. I'm not saying the other guy's stories weren't heartbreaking but Isaac's stuck with me HARD!

The author made the physical and emotional equally as important in this book and it was because they never ran from each other, never avoided that this triad won my heart. They weren't whiny kids. They were grown men with good heads on their shoulders wanting an everlasting love.

I don't know if this is a standalone to be honest. It COULD be but you would get minor spoilers from other couples who have had books in this series. But, you still could read it alone because though there are spoilers you don't know how any of it came to be.

Menage lovers, people who love some good angst with a beautiful HEA grab this book for sure!


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