Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Random Review: Fear of Flying by J.P. Bowie #Review #Giveaway

Author: J.P. Bowie
Book: Fear of Flying
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: September 19, 2017
Length: 95 pages

Reviewed by Michael


When Adam meets Jack in an airport bar, suddenly the friendly skies become a whole lot more than just ‘friendly’.

Adam Ritchie is afraid of flying. So much so that as soon as he clears security in San Diego airport he heads straight for the bar. Only, on this day he meets Jack Brenner, a man who is about to change his life, perhaps forever. The two men bond over a drink. Adam explains his fear of flying, telling Jack that the only reason he is getting on a plane is to attend his twin brother’s wedding in Seattle. Jack offers to save him a seat next to him, so he can allay his fears through the takeoff and landing. Adam doesn’t expect Jack to also hold his hand, and really doesn’t expect a kiss from this attractive stranger, but isn’t about to refuse either one.

Jack proposes they meet again when they return to San Diego, but an impatient Jack shows up at Adam’s brother’s wedding and they take their mutual desire to the next level. When Adam returns home he looks forward to another date with Jack at the end of the week, but he must suddenly return to Seattle when a friend in distress calls for help.

Adam at first sees this as another opportunity to connect with Jack again, but sometimes thoughts and actions can be misunderstood and not everything always goes according to plan. Adam finds he must choose between loyalty to an old friend and the attraction he feels for a relative stranger.

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Adam Ritchie suffers from aviophobia, or a fear of flying.  In some people, it can cause anxiety or severe panic attacks.  In Adam, not only does it cause anxiety, but he also fidgets almost non-stop.  So much so that he had annoyed more than one seatmate.  Unfortunately for Adam, he lives in San Diego and is the best man in his brother's wedding in Seattle.  Flying is a necessity.

In order to calm his ragged nerves, he pops in to the airport bar.  There he meets Jack Brenner.

Jack coincidentally lives in San Diego and is heading to Seattle on business for a week.  They strike up a conversation, and the physical attraction is almost immediate.  Jack offers to save the seat next to him on the plane, not only to get to know Adam further, but also to help keep him calm.  While the thought is sweet, I did have one minor quibble here:  I’ll admit to not flying often, but when I have, my seat had always been assigned to me with no opportunity to change it.

While in the air, Jack helps to keep Adam calm by distracting him with conversation, hand holding, and one hot kiss.  The physical chemistry between the two is undeniable, however it’s cut short when the plane lands, leaving both wishing for more.  They agree to meet the following Friday when Jack is back in San Diego (Adam is only in Seattle for the weekend)

After separating, Adam is thrown into last minutes wedding planning for his twin brother Russ, and his brothers fiancĂ© Bryan, as well as drama involving his friend Zack.  Jack is preoccupied with his meetings.  However, regardless how busy they are, Adam and Jack keep thinking about each other.

This is a well written story about how, when the right one comes along, they can provide the necessary distractions to get through the scariest of experiences.  It’s clear Adam and Jack are attracted to each other on a physical level.  I only wish it were clearer how they felt about each other.


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  1. Thanks for the review. BTW Southwest Airlines does not allocate seats. You get in line and take what you can get unless you're in 1st class.