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Random Review: Eighty-One Days by Zoe Mullins #Review #Giveaway

Author: Zoe Mullins
Book: Eighty-One Days
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: September 5, 2017
Length: 76 pages

Reviewed by Erin


Jenna was there to mend Luke’s heart after Eric left town. Now that Eric’s back, how long will it be before Jenna invites him to share her and Luke’s bed?

Eric didn’t know Luke would be heartbroken when he left town to join a hotshot forest fire crew in Western Canada. They’d been best friends since kindergarten, had gone to school together, had bought their first car and a home together and had shared their lovers. At some point, friendship had turned to love.

Luke didn’t expect, when he brought his crazy cat in for stitches, that his heart would be mended by the sassy new veterinarian. Jenna may have been new in town but she’d heard the rumors and she liked the carnal fantasies he spun for her in bed of he and his best friend sharing her.

Of course, that was before Eric’s job brought him home and back into their lives.

Jenna isn’t sure she can be what they need, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. Even if that means inviting the sexy firefighter to share their bed. Surely there is enough love to go around.

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There are times when a short, steamy read is exactly what the doctor orders to give your day a pick me up. I grabbed Eighty-One Days by new to me author, Zoe Mullins, for just such a need. It's short; only a little over a hundred pages, and has one of my very favorites, a menage' between Jenna, Eric, and Luke. Throw in some best friends to lovers and count me thoroughly interested. It's hard to do menage' well, where it's not all about the sex, instead focuses on the complicated but fulfilling emotional connections. With Eighty-One Days being a novella, I kept my fingers crossed for the latter, and I was so happy Mullins delivered. 

Eric and Luke have been best friends for most of their lives. They've been through much together and have shared everything, including women. Eric is a firefighter, off in Western Canada battling wildfires. His best friend, Luke, meets new to town Jenna, at the veterinarian's office. These two hit it off right away and a love affair begins. Jenna has heard the stories about Eric and Luke, how they've shared women and she's excited and intrigued by the idea. When Eric returns after being gone for two years, he wonders how he'll fit into their lives. 

With this being such a short story, things move fast, but there's a lot more going on here than just some wild, steamy sex. Each character is pretty well-developed and though I wished for a teeny bit more about Jenna, I didn't think much was lacking in this department. Mullins treats each individual relationship as important as the triad one and I really liked seeing that. She showcases each character; Eric's worry of coming into an established relationship between Luke and Jenna. Jenna's worry that she's not enough for both men on top of knowing there is a shared history between Luke and Eric. Luke's wish to bring Eric into his relationship with Jenna because really, he's been there all along, even if only in spirit. The history between Eric and Luke is what really intrigued me and how this would all play out when they love each other but also love Jenna. 

Make no mistake, there is some serious chemistry going on in Eighty-One Days, but there's also depth and complexities you don't always find in a short, erotic read. Give this one a try. I bet you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was!


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