Sunday, September 3, 2017

Random Review: A Matter of Priorities by Jon Keys #Review #Giveaway

Author: Jon Keys
Book: A Matter of Priorities
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication date: August 29, 2017
Length: 52 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


After being disowned by his family, Cooper judged his self-worth by his latest hookup. But circumstances change as he learns about true love.

Cooper Diaz is a better-than-average college student with a major in architecture and a love of dogs. But while he plays the role of campus playboy, in reality, he believes no one would care enough to worry about him—except his best friend, Liam. His expectations are simple—searching for the latest hookup. His newest obsession is his professor, Lucas Nyman, who has asked Cooper to work as part of the team for an out-of-class project, which he eagerly accepts.

At a celebratory evening at Professor Nyman's home, Cooper is invited to fulfill his latest fantasy--a ménage à trois with the professor and his husband. But the fun turns into something much weightier when pillow talk turns into friendly advice from the pair whose bed Cooper has shared. After a close call that leaves Cooper shaken and a confession from Liam, Cooper begins to realize that life is not as he envisioned.

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This is a short, sexy read about two college best friends. Cooper and Liam have been best friends with benefits for years. 

Cooper Dias was disowned by his parents when they learned he was gay. Cooper buries that pain in sex, often not caring if he's being safe or not. Who would care anyway if anything happened to him anyway?

Liam cares what happens to Cooper, Liam cares a lot. Cooper is his best friend and Liam takes such good care of him. He stands by and watches Cooper hooking up constantly, all the while being there and supporting Cooper.

Cooper has a massive crush on one of his professors and one night ends up in bed with he and his husband. The ménage a trois is hot and everything Cooper hoped it would be. What he isn't expecting is for these men to care enough to talk to him about the risks he's taking with his health. 

After a close call with his health, Cooper and Liam have a heart to heart conversation. Cooper finally begins to understand that just because his family threw him away doesn't mean no one cares about him. He begins to see that his life isn't exactly as he thought it was.

My heart aches for Cooper, replacing love with sex is a lonely way to live. Liam is an amazing friend and I found myself wanting an HEA for these guys. This is a short, but enjoyable read.


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