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Author Saturday Spotlight: Nicky James #Interview #Giveaway

It's another awesome Author Saturday Spotlight here on Diverse Reader. We have author Nicky James hanging out and talking with us. We will look at some of her books like, No Regrets, New Beginnings, and The Escape, we have an interview, and of course a giveaway. So, grab a beverage and enjoy.

Life makes no promises, and sometimes, you draw the short straw.
Landon Johnston’s life came to a grinding halt seven months ago when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
With the encouragement of his grandmother, Landon worked his way out of his slump and tried to live life while he still could.
Deciding he didn’t want to drag anyone else down his morbid path, Landon gave up all friendships and denied himself love. It was better that way, because all he had to offer was eventual heartache and sadness.
While traveling the world, Landon meets Abel Matheson, a free-spirited, unedited, and nerve-grating man who was supposed to only be a one-night-stand.
Despite Landon’s insistence that he can’t form a relationship with his current diagnoses, Abel is persistent and will not be ignored.
Fighting against all his ingrained urges to run, Landon finds himself drawn down the road he swore he’d never take.
Intimacy grows and bonds form…
Only… Abel doesn’t know Landon is sick.
How can anyone love a man with no future?
Telling him might cause him to run, but staying silent means living a lie. A lie which will only reveal itself in time.

Life is beyond our control. It can bring joy, laughter and happiness, then turn around and rip your heart out of your chest without warning.
Abel Matheson received a cold dose of life’s reality six months ago when the man he loved most lost his fight against cancer.
Free-spirited, easy-going Abel doesn’t know how to cope with the rotting, festering grief growing inside him. What was once an easy life, has become a struggle to put one foot in front of the other.
His grades are slipping, his job is suffering, money is tight, and the nightmares plaguing his sleep are relentless. Something has to give. He can’t keep going like this.
Desperate to end his suffering, Abel falls back on old habits. Self-destructive habits he knows are wrong.
Every time he tries to stand, he ends up face-first in the mud.
On the advice of a counselor, Abel makes attempts to find a support system to help him handle his grief. Unexpectedly, during his quest toward healing, Abel makes a connection with the most unlikely of people.
His mind wants to rebel against the man who stands before him. Run far and fast in the other direction. But his heart forms a bond that annihilates his fear.
Why this man of all people?
Sometimes you find help and love where you least expect it.

This book has been written as a follow-up to No Regrets.
TRIGGER WARNING- self-harm, substance abuse, grief and loss, anxiety, depression

Dancing, loud music, drinking and sex…
Who wouldn’t love a job that entailed all these things?
After giving up on school and being cast aside by an unsupportive family, Soren Matheson figured he’d landed every young man’s dream job.
But… there is a catch.
Not everything is as it seems and at the end of the day…
Maybe even dream jobs don’t exist.

Remy Moretti lives in a world of precision and order. When a chance run-in with a sassy, sarcastic blond one evening upsets his structured world, Remy needs to find out who he is.
What he discovers makes his hair stand on end.
The defeat and fear hidden behind the young man’s eyes gives him nightmares.
Someone needs to get to the bottom of this.
Until then, Remy will need to do whatever it takes to keep Soren safe.

TRIGGER: Sex-trafficking, abuse (off-page)


Thank you, Nicky, for being here today and talking with me. You’re a writer, mother, and a wife. I can relate to this so much so I look forward to picking your brain.

How do you balance everything?

·        With plenty of coffee! I work best when my plate is full to be honest. The more things I have to do, the better I am at getting things done. My family is extremely supportive of my writing and give me plenty of opportunity to develop and work at my craft. I work full-time outside the home as well, so it brings another element into play. I don’t have much free-time, but I prefer it that way. Boredom is not something I experience and sleep is a luxury I don’t get often. Coffee is my best friend and without it, I’m not sure how I’d function.

Aside from marriage and the birth of your child, what has been your greatest achievement to date?

·        Fulfilling my dream of becoming a published author. It’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. I aspired to be an author from the time I scrawled my first, barely legible story at age eight. For all my school years, English was my worse subject, and I was told by many teachers if I didn’t learn to spell, I’d never accomplish my goals. To all those teachers; you can do anything you set your mind to. I wish you could see my accomplishments now.

Of all your books which one would you say was the most difficult to write and why?

·        New Beginnings: Abel’s Journey (Healing Hearts #2) hands down. No Regrets slayed me. Writing a character with a terminal diagnosis made my heart ache with every page. However, in No Regrets I got to explore the joys of living life and treasuring the small moments many people take for granted. I got to write the story of living. New Beginnings was a whole other world of hurt, yet I knew I needed to take the journey alongside Abel so he could learn to shine again. New Beginnings is raw and unforgiving. It’s the cold dose of life’s reality. It shows a daily struggle of one character recovering after the loss of his lover. A reality too many people have known. Writing Abel’s Journey gutted me with every chapter. I wrote through floods of tears and struggled with Abel to make it through to the light at the end of the tunnel. Abel deserved a proper HEA. One that did justice to his former lover and that also rang true to life. I’m not sure anything will ever be as difficult as writing that book. But we made it through in one piece and came out stronger because of it. <3

If you could bring only one of your characters to life to live in our world today who would you choose and why?

·        Landon. Without his fated end. That man lives in my heart, and if anyone deserves a chance to come to life and live, it would be him. In his story, he drew the short straw when it came to life and I’d give anything to see him given the opportunities he missed out on.

I know you wrote a book called No Regrets, but do you have any?

·        Sadly many. Ones that can’t be changed or fixed and are strictly part of my past. I’m sure we all have them. Writing that book gave me a new perspective on life and I try hard to live according to Landon’s grandmother’s motto. I try to see the silver-lining and not take things for granted. We only get one shot at life. Live it full, live it proud with no regrets.

Who would you love to collaborate with if you could?

·        I have and plan to continue to collaborate with my best girl Jaclyn Osborn. We had so much fun writing our first book together “Once Upon a Prince” and are already planning more MM fairy tale type stories. Her and I work well together and it couldn’t have more fun as we do it. How we get anything done with all the joking around is beyond me.

Can you tell us what you are currently working on or future projects?

·        I am currently working on book 4 in the Healing Hearts series. For anyone following along, this is AJ’s story. We met AJ in book 3 at the nightclub and know he has a dark story to tell. His struggles will take him across the country and land him (almost directly) into the arms of Trystain. Their similar pasts help bond them, but they have a lot of hurdles to overcome before they find their HEA together. I am hoping to have this addition to the series out before the end of the year. Also on my plate, I have a Christmas novel set to come out this year as well. Probably the fluffiest story I’ve written to date. Anyone who has read my stories will understand that is a huge accomplishment for me. Lastly, I have recently signed a contract with a narrator who will be bringing No Regrets to life in audio. This project is set to be finished before the end of the year as well.

How can your fans/readers follow your work? Twitter, Facebook, Website etc…?

Facebook Author Page:


My amazing Facebook group, Nicky’s Naughty Nymphs.

Amazon Author Page

What is something you would like to say to all your readers?

·        Thank you. You’ve helped my dreams come true. Without your support, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Fast Fire Questions:

Favorite Season? Fall. Smells, colors, cooler temperatures.
Boots or flip flops? Boots.
Wine or beer? Neither. I don’t drink.
Favorite animal? Cats (I have two kittens)
Favorite color? Orange (not prison orange, but rustic orange)
Dogs or cats? Cats
Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla

Thank you for being here today and talking with us :D


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Thank you, Nicky, for being here today and hanging out!

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