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Flashback Friday: Getting It Right by A.M. Arthur #Review #Giveaway

Author: A.M. Arthur
Book: Getting It Right
Series: Restoration Series #1
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: March 16, 2015
Length: 256 pages

Reviewed by Michael


Detective Nathan Wolf might just be a junior detective, but he tackles every case with the passion that he lacks in his personal life. A series of failed relationships with women has left him still single at thirty-four—because he's too scared to admit to his longtime crush on his best friend James.

Dr. James Taggert likes to keep his profession as a psychiatrist separate from his party-animal persona. Known around the gay clubs as Tag, he's the guy who screws them, leaves them, and never looks back. But James's drinking is getting heavier, and when bad memories from the past resurface, he's close to becoming the worst version of himself.

After a drunken blackout ends in a hot and heavy make-out session with his very straight best friend, James has no memory of the steamy affair. But Nathan isn't sorry for the kisses that James can't remember. Nathan finally musters the courage to tell James how he really feels, but a life-altering event might force them apart before they can ever be together.

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I’ve been a sucker for a good GFY story since beginning reading M/M romance.  For those that don’t know, GFY stands for Gay For You.  GFY is somewhat controversial because it takes one main character who had previously professed to be heterosexual and places them in a homosexual relationship.  Personally, I’m a firm believer that Love is Love.  Love doesn’t know gender.  You don’t feel emotion with your private parts, you feel with it with your heart and mind.  You should be able to form a connection with whom ever you feel drawn to. 

One of my other favorite tropes has always been the friends-to-lovers, especially when those friends are portrayed as close.  Simply put, the trope takes an existing friendship and deepens it, makes it more emotional, more loving and caring.  The saying goes that you should marry your best friend, and this trope bears that out.

Now, when you mix the two together, you have the makings of something truly special.

Such was the case of Getting It Right by A.M. Arthur. 

James “Tag” Taggert is a psychiatrist haunted by an event from his past that he feels completely responsible for.  He can help other people with their problems, but not himself.  He drowns in his own memories and booze, sleeping his way through as many men as possible in an effort to make the pain go away.  And, he’s had feelings for his straight best friend for years, complicating his already fragile emotional state.

Nathan Wolf is a detective, and James’ best friend.  Nate lives with his own confusion.  Despite his feelings for Tag, he’s dated numerous women, but each relationship has failed.  He’s also investigating a possible serial killer, further adding to his personal stress.

A kiss throws everything out of whack. 

I have made no bones about the fact that Tag is my favorite character created by A.M.  He’s loyal, strong, and so very flawed.  These characters are real.  The story is gritty and grounded, and the relationship (friendship and otherwise) is natural.  Despite their differences, they truly looked out for each other.  They were in sync.  There were virtually no secrets between them and were truly the best of friends.

I will confess, I read this book out of order.  A.M. Arthur has created and an entire fictional world populated by some of the most diverse and real people I have ever read.  This book is actually the first book of a middle trilogy.  That didn’t hamper my ability to read and enjoy it in anyway shape or form.  You can literally pick up any of these books at any point and read them.  Once I realized, I read the rest of the trilogy and literally devoured every book she has written. 

Highly, highly recommended!!


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