Saturday, September 30, 2017

Random Review: Law and Disorder by Brooke Edwards #Review #Giveaway

Author: Brooke Edwards
Book: Law and Disorder 
Series: Casus Fortuitus #2
Self Published
Publication date: August 31, 2017
Length: 141 pages

Reviewed by Erin


James Carter and Derek Moore fought their way through attraction and misunderstandings to get to where they are today. Sure, they’re still figuring out how to make things work between their careers and families, but their whole world is rose-tinted with the glow of new love.

Reality hits with the force of a speeding truck when a criminal starts waging a campaign of terror against the justice system. Suddenly law enforcement officers and lawyers all across the city are living in fear as their careers put them right in the cross-hairs of a deranged killer and James and Derek’s honeymoon period falls to ruins.

With James’s protectiveness driving a wedge between them and Derek pulling away as the target on his back grows even bigger, their future is thrown into jeopardy. While Derek struggles with demons from his past, it's up to James to catch the killer and put them back on the path to their happily ever after.


Age-gap, some crime solving and a murder mystery all together? Count me in! Brooke Edwards' Law and Disorder is all of that ... and more! A fast paced book that reads like a crime show on TV, Law and Disorder sucked me in from the very first page and never let up through all the twists and turns. Police Chief James Carter and hot-shot US Attorney Derek Moore are fabulous together, full of that wonderful chemistry that just leaps off the page.

When dead birds show up meticulously placed on the steps of the courthouse, James and his team are on the case trying to put all the pieces together. As more and more weird and increasingly gruesome scenes start showing up, James begins to worry when all signs point to Derek being the target. I loved the tension as the investigation ramps up, loved how protective James was of Derek, while trying to balance that with Derek's need to keep things as normal as possible.

James and Derek really just worked for me as a couple. Flirty and sweet with one another with lots of snarky banter is all my cup of tea. There was an intensity there between them that although there are no explicit sex scenes and everything is fade to black, (and often not even fading, just abrupt endings) it is apparent that these two are madly in love with one another and enjoy a healthy sex life. I don't always need sex in my books to enjoy it, but here I would have liked to see those intimate moments of connection.

The secondary characters all were fantastic. From James's son, Sam to Derek's best friend, Daniel, they all added so much to the story. It's always a good thing, in my opinion, when the main character's have an extended circle and an author shows them outside of the bubble of their relationship. I hope there's more to come in this series and I'd recommend checking out the short prequel, Mens Rea to see how James and Derek began. It's just as good as Law and Disorder. Brooke Edwards is definitely an author I'll be keeping an eye on in the future!


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  1. Loved this book, lots of intrigue, love, and snark that made me laugh out loud at times. Can't wait for the next instalment!

  2. So many good books. I loved Locked In Silence by sloane Kennedy and All or Nothing by Felice Stevens.

  3. just finished locked in silence by Sloane kennedy and it was great

  4. Let's see, I love Avon Gale's "Love Song of Sawyer Bell" that one was a great read in September. Also a couple of ARC for October release like Santino Hassell's "Sightlines" and currently released Annabeth Albert's "Tender with a Twist"