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Random Double Review: Bodyguards & Babies by S.C. Wynne #Review #Giveaway

Book: My Omega's Baby 
Book One
Published: June 26, 2017
Length: 266 pages


Enemies to Lovers.

Blade Carr and Wyatt Smith are bodyguards from rival agencies who can’t stand each other.
Blade is a younger omega who thinks, Wyatt, a slightly older alpha, is arrogant and disrespectful. Wyatt believes Blade is nothing but a cocky punk. But when Wyatt receives a death threat, his boss decides the last place anyone will look for him is at Blade’s house.

Both men dread spending time together and are shocked when, despite their dislike of one another, they are suddenly physically attracted to each other. When they give into their lust one night, Blade just wants to pretend the perplexing night of passion never happened, but when the younger omega discovers he’s pregnant, the two men are forced to form a closer bond as they try to find a way to come together for the child.

This is a heartwarming, but steamy, 55,000 word story featuring a non-shifter Alpha/Omega world and contains mpreg (male pregnancy). This is a standalone fated-mate, gay for you story and Book One in the: Bodyguards and Babies mpreg series.

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My Omega’s Baby is a non-shifter M-Preg story that is a low angst enemies to lovers story. SC Wynne brought some awesome creativity to this book.  The whole Alpha and Omega thing is the similarity to the typical shifter story. But pregnancy in men is not something they are knowledgeable about. I won’t tell you how it all comes to be but I thought how the author worked it in was unique and brought a different light to this book.

Wyatt and Blade work for rival bodyguard companies. When Wyatt’s life is in danger he’s sent to Blade’s house to lay low. Because who would go to the person they hate most in the world’s house for protection? Of course that’s how this story is born and it goes from there.

I loved the discoveries and how things come to be and of course the conclusion. It’s not at all angsty and there’s some suspense but mostly this is a romance. How do two people who hate each other come to love each other. 

I recommend this book to people who love romance and enjoyable plot. I can see so many directions the following books can go and can’t wait to see the direction the series takes.

Book: Rockstar Baby
Book Two
Publication date: August 15, 2017
Length: 270 pages


Mpreg non-shifter Romance

Riley West is an alpha whose music career is exploding. While he has millions of adoring fans, he also has a secret that makes it impossible to live his life how he’d like; he’s still reluctantly in the closet at the urging of his longtime manager. Three years of a grueling tour schedule have made him lonely and yearning for something more than just stolen one night stands. He wants to come out and take a chance that his fans will still support him.

Colin Robinson is a solar eclipse omega and also a bodyguard for Shield. He doesn’t really know anything about Riley when they first meet, but sparks fly and the two men enjoy a passionate night together. When Colin realizes Riley is in the closet, he makes it clear he’d never have been with him if he’d known. It’s a hard decision because he truly feels a connection to
Riley and he wants more.

Riley doesn’t want to say goodbye to Colin, so he hires Colin to be his bodyguard while on tour. Colin agrees, but makes it clear their relationship must remain professional as long as Riley is in the closet and his employer.

But sometimes things are easier said than done. Mistakes happen. The problem is, when you’re a solar eclipse omega, one night of weakness usually means the pitter-patter of little feet won’t be far behind.

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Rockstar Baby is book two in SC Wynne’s Bodyguards and Babies series. I really hoped Riley was going to be next up after meeting him in book one so I was happy about this. 

Riley West is a rockstar. Up and coming with a bang! He’s loved by pretty much everyone and he’s super humble. You just like him. You ache for his struggle to come out and for the loneliness he talks about.

Colin Robinson has lost so much in his life. He fears reliability and is haunted by a past. I absolutely felt the pain Colin was going through in this book. I don’t want to speak of it because it’s a spoiler in my opinion. But because of it, it makes a future for Riley and him almost impossible.

I liked this book better than the first. Solar Eclipse babies were at least known by one of the MC’s and I really loved Riley. He was such an awesome character and perfect for Colin. He knew how to soothe his worries and he was infinitely patient. I will say that in both books Riley almost is killed by a crazy fan so that was nuts but it brought the MCs closer and I think that was the point.

I’m enjoying this series. This book was more serious but the angst level is still low and it’s entertaining, creative, and fun!


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