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Random Reviews... Until I Fade by Kol Anderson #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kol Anderson
Book: Until I Fade: An Anthology
Self Published
Publication date: July 2, 2016
Length: 330 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


A collection of taboo, dark shorts.

(A collection of brand new and previously published Kol Anderson taboo shorts. Newly edited and never before seen stories.)

Release Date: July 04, 2016

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Destiny is a strange thing. It can be fickle at times, and it can make you miss out on incredible connections that would set you on the journey of your lifetime. But the thing is, you'll never know what you missed out on.

Sometimes Destiny takes pity on you and lets you meet the person you are supposed to, at just the right time. When Jensen first saw Liam, he lost his heart. Even if it took him a while to realize that. It's okay, though. He had to grow and learn some more before he was the man Liam needed to save him from a life he was trapped in.

Supernatural forces collide to give Jensen the strength he needs to evolve into the man Liam waited his whole life for, and when their souls finally slam into each other, neither will be the same again.



It's the worst feeling in the world, seeing him with someone else. There's nothing I wouldn't do, no limits I won't go to get him back. But he won't give me a chance. He won't so much as look at me because he thinks I don't belong to him anymore.
But that's the whole thing.
I don't belong anywhere.
Doesn't matter where I go or who I am with I am always alone. There is something wrong with me, there has to be because no one else seems quite as miserable at being without a master.
But don't we all owe our freedom to something?
People are slaves, aren't they? To their jobs, to their partners, to their children, even to their lifestyles?
We all have those little kinks that we don't tell anyone about, because we think we're going to be judged for them, and because we're slaves to society's rules.
In a world where slavery is the norm I'm a slave to my needs.
To him.
And I need to get him back.



Samuel “Sin” Taylor doesn’t know the difference between sex and intimacy, but maybe that’s not his fault. He grew up in a world where it was easier to get physical pleasure than to find love. But as a prostitute working the streets, Sin thinks he’s finally found his true calling. After all sex is the one thing he’s good at, right? But when Isaac enters his life through mere coincidence, Sin finds it a relief to be someone other than Sin.

How long can he keep up the charade?



Ever felt like the world thinks you're crazy? Welcome to my world. I tried normal, but eventually the truth catches up to you. Thank God for Evan, he believes me. But no man is a saint, and eventually the stories of aliens and tentacles and kidnappings just become too much for anyone to believe anymore.

But I know what happened. I know what they did to me. The voices are calling me back now. They're calling me to be with her, my daughter. And I can't resist it anymore.



Until I Fade is a compilation of short stories written by Kol Anderson. Kol is a dark writer often touching on taboo topics and pushing boundaries. He’s mastered it actually. If someone was interested in reading his work and had never read anything by him before I’d highly suggest Until I Fade.

First off you get short stories, he touches on all the areas he writes. It’s almost like sampling his novels. They are just long enough where you get a terrific story but by the time that haunting feeling creeps up you’re on to the next piece.

A lot of times with short stories written by the same author you experience monotony.  But not with this. Each was very different. You might like a story more than another. That’s the great thing about this. You get a creative sampling of what Kol is capable of. 

If you’re a Kol fan, get it you know you’ll love it. If you’ve wanted to read him but lived in fear, get it. You will understand him better and be wildly entertained.


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  1. This one, of course, is one i can't wait to read

  2. I absolutely loved this..Kol is my top go to dark author....Fugue broke me so bad x