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Random Reviews... Boston Bauble Party by Susan Laine #Review #Giveaway

Author: Susan Laine
Book: Boston Bauble Party
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Publication date: June 28, 2016
Length: 106 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Liam feels sorely inadequate below the belt. To cheer him up, his roommate and best friend Troy scores for them a special invite to an exclusive and hush-hush Bauble Party held in a classy mansion in one of Boston's upscale districts.

When Liam discovers what the fancy soirée is actually about, he gets nervous and insecure, and wants to leave. Troy convinces him to stay by introducing him to Burton, a wealthy, self-made, clean-tech tycoon—who is also an experienced Dom befitting Liam's submissive tendencies. It seems Liam and Burton are a match made in kink heaven.

But where does that leave Troy with his secret and unrequited love for Liam?

Perhaps an unusual party is exactly what these three men with big hearts need in order to learn that size isn't everything and that they are better off with each other than without.


This is a ménage novella that takes place in the span of one night. Troy and Liam are best friends. They have known each other most of their lives. Liam has issues with something about himself he doesn’t like and Troy is determined to make Liam see himself as the beautiful person he is.

Taking him to an exclusive sex party does just that and so much more. There, they meet Burton. Burton has a large scar on his face and though he doesn’t look perfect he’s perfect for them.
I really thought this was a fun, quick, very beyond hot read. It checked off a lot of my favorite ménage boxes. I loved all three characters and how much they accomplish in one night… not just the sex. They talk and are genuine and come morning you don’t feel like this was some inta anything. It truly feels right.

If you’re a fan of ménage, look no further. You’ll be able to read it in half a day and get a lot of story out of it! I hope to see more of these three in the future.

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