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Random Reviews... Reborn: Bound Gods 4 by Adrienne Wilder #Review #Giveaway

Author: Adrienne Wilder
Book: Reborn
Series: Bound Gods (Book 4)
Self Published
Publication date: July 5, 2016

Reviewed by Meredith


Leo promised to keep Aaron and Kaleb forever. Yet he’s left them with nothing more than a note with instructions to obey the commands of another god? A god who has the key to Kaleb’s collar. A god who will tell them nothing about what’s happened to Leo or where he’s gone.

Kaleb and Aaron both fear the worst. That Leo has not abandoned them, but left them because he won’t be coming back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

Too many have died and the god-son is growing stronger. With no way for any god to track it, Leo has only one choice left. Fight fire with fire.

Or in this case Chimera against Chimera.

The problem is Leo has always maintained control of the beast within him. Using its natural senses to do what no other can. In order to stand a chance at tracking and killing the god-son Leo must give the Chimera within complete control.

And the Chimera might not let him return if he does.


This series! *clutches pearls* I adore it so hard! Adrienne Wilder has not only created an amazing world, but her characters are phenomenal! Reborn is the last book in the Bound Gods books. I will miss it so much. I hope for side books that deal with some other characters but if not I’m thrilled to have experienced this series.

We’ve followed Kaleb and Leo from the beginning, Aaron coming at book 3. And these three are trifecta perfecta. And that says something. Ménage is my favorite trope but it wasn’t always a threesome. It grew into one. Some people cringe when a third is introduced but if you meet Aaron, feel his emotions, read his thoughts you immediately know that without Leo and Kaleb, Aaron would surely die.

This was a thrilling addition to the series. The chase to end a monster by unleashing another. The fate of Aaron, what will happen when the Chimera is released? All this and more is here. We got to see The Priest more in this series and he’s quite something! He’s intriguing. And though I have no doubt he has an incredible story Adrienne gave us enough that we weren’t left wondering.

Of course there’s the other band of Leo’s misfit gang and we get to see Sonny again. And what a gift he has!

All in all this is a marvelous series that you simply must indulge in. The fact that I will miss it horribly shows how much this experience was outstanding!


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