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Random Reviews... The Prisoner: Season One by Kol Anderson #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kol Anderson
Book: The Prisoner: Anniversary Edition
Series: Broken Series: Season One: Book One
Publication Date: May 4, 2016
Length: 247 Pages

 Reviewed by Meredith


Broken Series Season One

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Enjoy the special Anniversary Edition of the complete Prisoner series! (Set of Two Books)

Aaron Taylor has been working at an escort company for the past six months. Just when life seems to have gotten better and he is beginning to think that he has a grasp of this line of work, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet but he doesn't know the extent of Vincent's cruelty. When Vincent takes Aaron to be a sex worker for a dangerous BDSM club Aaron thinks his life is over.


It is official. Kol Anderson is the darkest writer I’ve ever read. He reaches into the pit of Hell and scares the ever loving life out of the Devil himself.

I chose to review the Anniversary set of this because I knew I was going to want to see this through. I wasn’t going to want to do this in pieces. Jump in, rip it off like a band aid! I was invested at this point. So what did I expect? 

Well, I read Senseless by this author so I knew of the sadistic nature he takes on. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t ready for it but I think when an author writes a prologue like the one that opens this series it literally takes the air right out of your lungs. You question everything.

Here’s the thing. Human trafficking is a real thing. What Kol writes DOES happen and I put myself in that mindset. I don’t know if that was a good or bad idea but what’s done is done. I felt Aaron’s fear. I seethed with him I wished for Vincent’s death a hundred times. Even at Vincent’s kindest I hated him. Even if he turns out to be a hero he never can be a hero. His soul is obsidian. No matter what the world did to him, he can’t find redemption.

Sometimes I think the reality of what Vincent is hurts more than what happens to Aaron. I have so much hope for humanity but people like Vincent, like the "three men", like Vincent’s boss, these people are alive and well in our world. I absorb reality when I read. It helps me relate to what’s happening. I even do it with fantasy. 

I don’t know where Season Two will take us but I can only wish for hope. Even if it’s all put back together it will all still be broken. A vase can serve its purpose even after it’s shattered. You can glue it together and it can once again do its job. Fissures of its past will always be present and when the light hits it you’ll see every flaw.  That is my hope for this whole series. I know there won’t be roses, wine, and perfection. 

But it has a purpose to serve. 

Kol’s writing is outstanding. He grasps the darkness so well. And you can’t fault him for anything written because the warnings are there. But no one can ever be prepared for what humankind is like when saturated with pure hate.

On to Season Two….


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