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TITLE: Taking A Stand
SERIES:  An Alpha’s World             Number in Series: 1
RELEASE DATE:  June 21st, 2016               
AUTHOR(s): Bronwyn Heeley
COVER ARTIST: Bronwyn Heeley
LENGTH: 43 pages
CATEGORY/TAG:  M/M Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance

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One Werewolf. One Vampire. One night.
Dem lives in a world ruled by two things: the moon and his alpha. Something inside of him has always yearned for more, and a chance encounter with a vampire helps Dem realise what he craves. Now that Dem knows what he wants, is he strong enough to reach out and take it?

Exclusive Excerpt

Dem’s knees ached where they rested against the unforgiving concrete. His shoulders and arms were numb from being held above his head for so long.
Jeffery’s presence lingered against his senses. He was looking at Dem as if he were meat tenderising on a spit, waiting for the moment he’d be perfectly done, dripping, flesh nearly falling off the bone.
God, Dem was hungry. The moon lingered high in the sky, waiting for her chance to change him, to give him what he truly craved.
The thing most people don’t know about werewolves is that only one type of person survives transformation, the ones that managed to hold back a sliver of the craziness caused by the moon. The people who caved easily to bloodlust were taken out by their alpha. They were the ones that didn’t listen to orders. All they felt was the hunger. The ones that shied away from blood and guts tend to die early on. Either they died in a fight they never meant to start or they blew their brains out as their memories ate at them. The ones that could go with the flow, who could handle the violence and hunger, lived.
Being an alpha was more complicated. The complex structuring of their human halves into the world they survived in made the alphas power crazed. They couldn’t help it, they were ridden by the same instincts everyone else was. They only shared a few traits with natural wolves. They were a breed of their own, one which was far superior. At least, that’s what they thought. That’s a common problem with humans in general, isn’t it? Thinking they’re on top of the food chain because they’re different, better.
The sharp sting in his neck wasn’t like anything he’d felt before. The best way he could describe it was like combining a bee sting with a lingering caress. Tingles flowed along his neck and up into the base of his skull where they warmed, multiplied, made his hips rock and his fingers clutch.
“Pay attention.”
“Make me.”


This is a short, dark erotica, shifter, paranormal story. Literally that is what it is. It’s not very long. I can be read in a half hour to forty five minutes. What is interesting is, this could be a full length novel of great suspense, drama, angst, and hot romance. 

It was very good and it was sex and submission with minor plot. It packs a lot in the 9,400 words that it is. Of course the serious reader in me wanted all the back stories, who was the Alpha, what was his name? What’s the packs name? Does Jeffery have a den? Yep, that’s me. You won’t get any of these answers because this isn’t that type of story. It’s short, sweet, and hot. Plain and simple.

Good short to have when you are looking for something to read that will satisfy you quickly.

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