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Author: Luna David
Book: Protecting Braden
Series: Custos Security (book 2)
Self published
Publication date: July 6, 2016
Length: 360 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Zavier “Cade” McCade, former Army Special Forces and creator of Custos Securities, finds himself in a situation he never thought he’d be in—he’s fallen in love with Braden Cross, the gorgeous pastry chef he’s guarding. Cade has lived his life as a protector: of his country, his family and friends, his clients, and now, the man he’s in love with. He thrives in dangerous and stressful situations. But nothing could prepare him for Braden’s decision to put himself in danger.

After a vicious attack from his stalker leaves Braden fighting for his life, Cade will stop at nothing to see the man responsible punished. Time passes, but Braden’s attacker hasn’t given up and Cade’s afraid he never will. As Cade and the most trusted members of Custos Securities track Braden’s assailant, Braden struggles to rebuild his life and re-establish the fragile trust he and Cade had worked so hard to build. Braden knows if he’s going to survive the chaos surrounding him, he’s going to have to give Cade everything he has—mind, body, and soul.

More determined than ever to hunt down the man that nearly killed the love of his life, Cade will do everything in his power to ensure that he and Braden will be able to live the life of their dreams with nothing and no one standing in their way. Meanwhile, hidden just out of their reach, an increasingly deranged stalker watches…and waits.


This is Luna David’s second book in her Custos Securities Series. Book one, Trusting Cade, left us with a bit of a cliffhanger. This of course made all us readers light torches and look for the author. She’s since come out of hiding and with that has come the answers to our questions.

Cade, as you may know, is Braden’s protector and partner. In book one on top of trying to keep Braden safe from a violent stalker, they fall in love. And the ending, well, it was a HFN… until now. We got our answers, we get that balm to our burn and with that, a great story.

It’s not often we get to see two characters live their lives after the I love you’s are said and the future seems all but written. Here we do. There’s A LOT of healing to be done. A lot! But with that we get a deeper love, hope for a better future, and new characters. Those new characters will be vital in future books so pay attention. This is a series after all. No one knows what Luna will do next!

I will tell you this, I got quite frustrated with Braden at a point in this book I resorted to taking out the bubble wrap and popping while I read.  It was serious! But Luna did something that I rarely see authors do. After the fact. When lives were spared, things were calm. She addressed the faults of the characters. She showed communication. She didn’t just make us re-love Braden or Cade or anyone else that angered us (aside from jerky stalkerface) she realized there wouldn’t be closure if it wasn’t talked about. I can’t tell you how much I loved that.  So no matter the frustration you feel toward anyone, just you wait and see how awesome Luna David handles it.

This is not just an entertaining series it’s engaging. You are so entwined in these character’s lives you feel like you’re a part of their family. That makes you invested. Luna best be writing more of these books or I’ll have to go all Misery on her butt! I know what characters will get page time, as you will too when you meet them. Oh the possibilities. And that is what makes a series great. The want and the possibilities. This isn’t a tired story, these aren’t exhausting characters, there is no boringness that will make you seek out distractions. This is wonderful and all the things a book is supposed to be.
I can’t wait for more Cade, Braden and gang! I just really can not wait to see what Luna will do next!!!

Author Bio

Luna David is a wife, a mother of twins, and now, an author. When she's not begging her little ones to stop--throwing things, hitting each other, pulling the cat's tail, having meltdowns, screaming, eating stuff off the floor, yelling at each other, playing with their food, running into the street, and destroying the house--you'll most likely find her writing.

She loves anything book, coffee or dark chocolate related and can't think of a better way to pass the time than to combine all three. She can't remember a time when she wasn't addicted to reading or creating her own stories, if only in her head. It wasn't until recently that she began to believe she could actually put those stories to paper.

She is blessed enough to have wonderfully supportive family and friends and she counts herself lucky every day that she gets to not only be a stay at home mom to her kids, but to also pursue her dream of becoming a published author.


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