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Random Reviews... The Prisoner Season 2 Anniversary Edition by Kol Anderson #Review #Giveaway

Author: Kol Anderson
Book: The Prisoner: Season 2
Series: Broken Series
Self Published
Publication date: May 5, 2016
Length: 249 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Carter Bennett is Aaron's replacement after Aaron manages to escape. In captivity he meets a man named Tristan who is the only person who has been good to him in all this time and though Carter deeply cares for him, he doesn’t believe that Tristan is any better than the rest of the clients at Vincent’s Club. Carter gets sent forcibly to a client they only refer to as ‘Master.’

Loose Ends
What will become of Carter? Will ‘Master’ turn out to be a bigger evil than Vincent or will he be the savior Carter has been waiting for?
Will Eric get away with what he plans to do with Aaron?
Find out in this final installment of the Broken Series where all the loose ends will be tied.


So this was interesting. Now, before I start I just want to say I’m writing this review with the belief there are no more books to this series. That this was the last we’ll hear from these characters.
When we left Season One there were a million questions, a ton of loose ends, and all hope gone. Now, Season 2, each episode, brought more clarity, but it also brought more questions.
We are deeply involved with Carter here, Vincent, Aaron, sure but I felt like this was more Carter’s journey (nightmare). 

Kol still masters the dark depravity that I have come to expect from his books. His creativity knows no bounds and taboo is too gentle a word for his tales. Major props to him for his bravery and his storytelling.

I had an issue though that has nothing to do with the material of this story. For me, and this is my opinion, if this was the last book for these characters it shouldn’t be. There are still questions, a lot of loose ends, no finality, and no happy ending. Now, it’s possible the no happy ending is the intention of the author so I can’t fault anyone for that. But there’s holes. 

Remember, I’m writing this based on the fact I think this is the end. If it’s not than I have no doubt Kol will fill in the blanks in future books. As it stands it feels incomplete to me. Perhaps the desolate haunting feeling is supposed to be the end game of this ride. Again, if that’s the goal it’s been achieved. Lol. 

Some will see this as open ended and justice served. Others, like myself, may not see it that way at all. But perhaps there IS more to come. One can hope.


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  1. Interesting review. I haven't read season two yet and now I'm even more curious than I already was. I really need to find the time to read this book soon.

    1. You do. I have spoken to many people who have read it and the opinions are so different. It's totally a conversation piece