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Born moments before his parents crashed landed on Earth, Jason was raised in foster care. As soon as he was old enough, he packed his backpack and hit the road. Just him and his bike.
Now a jaded young man, living above a roadhouse diner and bar with several other misfits, he struggles to understand friendships, relationships, and the bonds of family.
Unbeknownst to Jason, other refugees from the planet Altiss also made it safely to Earth. After discovering Jason living as a human, they seek to safeguard him and his fledgling abilities.
As Jason’s powers begin to manifest, his mate arrives on earth looking to claim him. Ano ki stalks Jason, seeking to gain his trust, and his proximity only intensifies Jason’s burgeoning magic..
Fearing they will be dragged back to the planet they fled, the refugees prepare to do battle. In Jason, they believe they may have what is needed to tip the scales in their favor.
Left with no choice but to accept his heritage and learn to fight, Jason struggles with some harsh lessons about love and trust amidst a backdrop of battle and betrayal.
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Layla Dorine’s Roadhouse Reds was a very interesting read. Told in the omniscient point of view, we dipped into the minds of many characters and got a wonderful narration of a wild story.

When the books starts out it’s like any other story about a bunch of misfit townspeople trying to get by as best they can. We know their thoughts, we see other people’s opinions. The whole things is set up nicely. No sign of anything getting super complicated. Then comes the WTF moment (lol) If you didn’t know, this is a sci-fi story. Of course the blurb tells you as much but you may forget in the beginning.

A lot happens in this book, there are SO MANY characters. The POV makes sense with how many Layla introduces and though I was never confused about who was talking or thinking or who was who, the story gets very twisty and I admit I had to back track a few times.

At times the story slows down (maybe too much) and you get a good breather but it builds and builds and the story grows and grows. This is a love story, sort of, but not typical. Yes, there’s an HEA if you see it that way. It does depend on how you see it. But, in my opinion it all works how it should with the flow of the story.

This is a long book and I do feel there were times it could have been shortened due to unnecessary filler. When you write a story quite like this one there needs to be the perfect pacing. It wasn’t bad but it needs to tighten up in a few areas. This is suspenseful and there’s action and all the alien-ness that a great sci-fi book has. So, to drag at all can make your mind begin to wander.

It is an entertaining non-typical sci fi romance that engages its reader. If that is your cup of tea, drink away!



Losing his brother leaves rocker Jace Christenson struggling to understand how it happened, and what he can do to open the door to conversation about suicide and mental illness.
Losing his brother leaves rocker Jace Christenson struggling to understand how it happened, and what he can do to open the door to a conversation about suicide and mental illness. A trip to visit an old friend who runs the tattoo parlor where he got his first tattoo soon nets him a conversation piece, in the form of a semi-colon tattoo, but the pain of grief is still overwhelming. Reconnecting with his band is an obstacle he’s not sure he can overcome. It takes some time away with best friend and fellow bandmate Troy Paulus to finally get him to open up and accept that the things he’s feeling are normal parts of the healing process. And if along the way, the two grow even closer, than that’s just a bonus right?
Spider Webs & Cover Art Cover

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This is an absolutely heart wrenching story! The emotions that run through you during this story are many. High on the angst scale for sure. Jace's story is heartbreaking his tale pulls the tears from you and I found myself reading this through a veil of tears.

Jace writes music as therapy for those shattered pieces of his past. That, along with the tattoo, this is his way of recovering from the loss of his brother.

Troy, Jace's bandmate is a huge reason Jace finds himself and heals. Troy gives him so much more than an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on he gives him purpose. He gives him love.

There is happiness to this story too a gorgeous love story is weaved within the angst and sorrow. You greive with Jace and you breathe with him too... and you fall in love right along side him.

Emotional read but worth it.

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About the author

LAYLA DORINE lives among the sprawling prairies of Midwestern America, in a house with more cats than people. She loves hiking, fishing, swimming, martial arts, camping out, photography, cooking, and dabbling with several artistic mediums. In addition, she loves to travel and visit museums, historic, and haunted places.
Layla got hooked on writing as a child, starting with poetry and then branching out, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Hard times, troubled times, the lives of her characters are never easy, but then what life is? The story is in the struggle, the journey, the triumphs and the falls. She writes about artists, musicians, loners, drifters, dreamers, hippies, bikers, truckers, hunters and all the other folks that she’s met and fallen in love with over the years. Sometimes she writes urban romance and sometimes its aliens crash landing near a roadside bar. When she isn’t writing, or wandering somewhere outdoors, she can often be found curled up with a good book and a kitty on her lap.
Layla Dorine can be found at:

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