Thursday, July 14, 2016

Release Day Blitz: Just a Week by Jena Wade #Excerpt #Giveaway

Title: Just A Week

Author: Jena Wade

Release Date: July 5th 2016

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance


Just a week is not enough time to fall in love, but Fate doesn’t care. Seth’s carefully crafted plan

for how his life will go doesn’t include falling in love with a guy in his horrible hometown. He

wants to start a new life anywhere but at home. Until Maddox storms in with his multi­colored

hair and carefree attitude. Long distance relationships don’t work and Seth isn’t into gambling with his future. But the more

time he spends with Maddox, the more he’s willing to throw caution to the wind. Now his plan for

the rest of his life has been turned upside down and seems to include things Seth never thought

possible, including a lifetime of happiness in his hometown.


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I found my usual bench unoccupied. Thank goodness. It sat underneath a giant oak tree that

provided a good amount of shade. About a hundred feet away was a set of playground

equipment for kids. Since it was Sunday evening, there weren’t many kids around. The screech and clicks of skateboards on metal had me looking around like I’d just entered a

parallel universe. What the hell?

Where there used to be old basketball hoops with raggedy nets, there now stood a half­pipe and

other random obstacles used for skateboarding tricks. A half dozen teenagers and young adults

whizzed around each other. Some on boards, others on rollerblades. All of them moving at high

speed. There was a lot of laughing, and every so often someone shouted, “Check this out,” before

trying some stunt on the rail, usually resulting in a fall or stumble. Squealing kids on a swing set I could drown out. But this, I wasn’t so sure about. It was new. And distracting. One young man in particular stood out. Mostly because he had bright orange hair that spiked in

every direction, possibly looking like it could impale a person if they were to touch it. Like a

cactus. He also looked a bit older than the teenagers that surrounded him, which might explain

why they all seemed to look up to him like he was a god. He wore a black zip­up sweatshirt, though it was warm enough to go without, and jeans that

were skintight. Once I started watching him, I noticed that the other skaters watched him too. He had talent. He

kept his balance well, and his moves seemed effortless. While the other skaters floundered and

wobbled as they zoomed around, he kept calm and collected.

I didn’t understand the appeal of skateboarding, especially on a half­pipe. What was the

purpose of putting yourself in harm’s way like that? Might as well throw myself down a flight of

stairs if I wanted to break a bone. Orange­haired Guy stood on the deck of the half­pipe. He stared down the slope below, his face

unreadable. He didn’t call the others to gather around and watch, though I had a feeling they

would anyway. He took a deep breath and hopped on his board.

I held my breath, like I was the one up there. I watched in wonder as he gained momentum, back and forth, up and down the half­pipe. Once he had enough speed he began his flips. It

looked amazing to me. Him flipping in the air, his feet staying on the board as he spun, then

landing perfectly to do it all over again. I guess I had never bothered to watch any skateboarding

before. Maybe I would have if they had looked like this skateboarder. My nose pressed against the chain­link fence that surrounded the skate park before I even

realized I had walked closer. At least I started breathing again. He stopped just as quickly as he started. Landing back on the deck of the half­pipe, like he

hadn’t just done something incredible. And maybe it wasn’t to him; maybe that was just another

day in the life. To me it was pretty cool. The other skaters around cheered and gave him high fives as he made his way through the

park. Just like that, he left. He hit the sidewalk and hopped back onto his board, flying down the

street like it was made for him.

About the Author

Jena began writing in January of 2013 as a New Year's Resolution­­and so far she has stuck to


She lives in Michigan. By day she works as a web developer, and at night she writes. Born and

raised on a farm, she spends most of her free time outdoors, playing in the garden, or riding her

horses. She also helps run the family dairy farm. Links: Website | Loose ID | Twitter | Goodreads

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  1. I like the sound of that blurb. And, since you want to know, I'm from Co. Cavan in Ireland :)