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Release Day Post: Forgive & Forget by Charlie Cochet #Review #Giveaway

Review: Forgive and Forget (Dreamspun Desires Collection)

Written by: Charlie Cochet

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Length: 194 pages

Reviewed by: Erin


He's hot. He's dangerous. And he can't remember anything.

As the owner of Apple’n Pies, Joe Applin leads a quiet, uneventful life, content to spend his days serving customers who come from all over to eat his delicious homemade pies. Along with his motley crew—Bea, Elsie, and Donnie—Joe couldn’t be happier in his little kingdom of baked goods and java.

Experience has taught Joe that love is overrated—and at times dangerous. He has no intention of repeating past mistakes. But then he meets a mysterious, handsome man with amnesia, and Joe can’t deny something sweet is in the works. He isn’t one to take risks, not with his heart and certainly not with his life, but the more time he spends with the man he knows as Tom, the closer he is to losing both.

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Forgive and Forget is the newest release in Dreamspinner Press’s Dreamspun Desires Collection. If you’re looking for something sweet, fluffy, with next to no angst, then this will definitely hit the spot. We have a quirky baker, a tall, dark and handsome stranger with amnesia, and a whole host of busybody friends coupled with a bit of a mystery. What’s not to love? 

Joe is adorable, he really is. A fumbling, endearing, if slightly bizarre and a bit over the top guy. There are a few instances when his behavior borders on juvenile and a tad unrealistic for a 37 year old, but all in all he’s very likable. My heart strings were tugged often as he talks about how lonely he is and how he’s afraid to try a relationship again after getting hurt so badly before. It seriously made me want to give him a hug. And Tom the mystery guy? Well of course this being a romance novel from beginning to end is JUST what Joe needs in all his Prince Charming glory. He’s perfect (too perfect to be honest) but the progression from being rescued in a garden to houseguest to lover is sweet to watch. 

For the most part, I enjoyed the secondary characters. I thought the “kids” Donnie and Elise are amiable and cute (though them being called kids so often gets a bit old). I love how protective of Joe Bea is and she has plenty of humorous moments. Jules is great, I really enjoyed her friendship with Joe.
My favorite things about the book? Well for one, I love the name of the bakery—Apple'n Pies. So clever. I love that Joe is a baker and his cafĂ©’ is a small place off the beaten path. Most of the scenes between Joe and “Tom” are gooey, fluffy goodness and will put a smile on your face. Things I didn’t like so much? The evil ex showing up and being utterly despicable. It is very unnecessary and he is so awful, he’s unbelievable. And the mystery? Well, it’s not too difficult to figure out. The climax is a bit campy and slapstick but the HEA is as sugary and satisfying as one of Joe’s apple and cinnamon pies. 

If you’ve been a fan of the other Dreamspun Desires books, you’ll enjoy this one. And if you haven’t checked any of them out yet, Forgive and Forget isn’t a bad place to start.


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