Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Promotional Post: Imperfect Harmony by Jay Northcote #Review #Giveaway

Book: Imperfect Harmony
Author: Jay Northcote
Publisher: Jaybird Press
Publication date: April 15. 2016
Length: 189 pages


Imperfect harmony can still be beautiful…

John Fletcher, a former musician, is stuck in limbo after losing his long-term partner two years ago. He’s shut himself off from everything that reminds him of what he’s lost. When his neighbour persuades him to join the local community choir, John rediscovers his love of music and finds a reason to start living again.

Rhys Callington, the talented and charismatic choir leader, captures John’s attention from the first moment they meet. He appears to be the polar opposite of John: young, vibrant, and full of life. But Rhys has darkness in his own past that is holding him back from following his dreams.

Despite the nineteen-year age gap, the two men grow close and a fragile relationship blossoms. Ghosts of the past and insecurities about the future threaten their newfound happiness. If they’re going to harmonise in life and love as they do in their music, they’ll need to start following the same score.


This is quite the emotional book. Two men, both walking around in a fog of bereavement. Rhys has found healing and strength through music. John was pretty much strolling along aimlessly, only half living until he is thrust into Rhys’s life by his neighbor.

And so the healing begins. With melody, harmony, and love these two men find solace in each other. They fill the gaps of their barely there lives.

Now, the happy ending isn’t without obstacles, issues, self-barricades. Between age gaps and past losses they have an uphill battle.

This book really shows the power of love and all it can do. I cried sad and happy tears throughout this story. It really touched my heart and it shows that just because we lose people in our lives that, at one point, were our reason for living. There are others out there that have been waiting for you to breathe them back to life, and in return; save you.

Gorgeous book!


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  1. The song that always makes me cry is Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. :/ It is a beautiful song that reminds me of someone very special I lost a long time ago. I still love to listen to it regardless. It's one of those that hurts, but makes me remember the good stuff too. :)

  2. Where am I able to find this book in Epub format ? I wanted to buy it at ARE, but the book is not there yet... And Amazon only sells Kindle format... :/

  3. This son by Staind does it to me every time! "So Far Away"

  4. i knew i loved you before i met you from savage garden always makes my tear up

  5. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits makes me cry every time I listen to it.

  6. Hurt, the Johnny Cash version gets me every time.