Monday, October 23, 2017

Random Review: The Alpha Prince by Victoria Sue #Review #Giveaway

Author: Victoria Sue
Book: The Alpha Prince
Series: Kingdom of Askara #3
Self Published
Publication date: October 9, 2017
Length: 209 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


The Askaran desert can no longer sustain the secret hybrid population of wolves bred from those sent there to die for their crimes. Justice knows the time has come to lead his wolves to a new life, but soon realizes his pack could never be governed by nor swear fealty to the cruel and despotic Alpha of Solonara—Darius—so he hatches a plan to fight and ultimately kill the Alpha, his heir, and take over the territory.
Cashel should not exist. It was unheard of for an Alpha-heir to be born an omega, and Darius has made every day a torment for his son. After spending years failing to breed another heir, and desperate not to have to give his territory away to another pack, he finally turns his attention back to Cashel and a whole new nightmare begins.
Justice’s whole life has been about righting a wrong and delivering the very thing he was named for. Meeting Cashel, and finding out he is his true mate, sends his carefully constructed plans and promises up in flames. When he discovers Darius’s cruelty runs deeper than any of them imagined, he is faced with a last desperate choice between his love for Cashel or his loyalty to his people.


If you aren’t reading this series you really HAVE to read this series. This is book three in Victoria Sue's Kingdom of Askara series. The big question everyone always asks, “Is it a standalone?” I’ll answer that first. You can technically read this as a standalone but there are mention of past things and there are also visits from past characters. Though it doesn’t alter your book experience it’s neat to know who they all are.

The Alpha Prince will tug at your heart just as much as the other two. There’s a dark element to it but I will say it wasn’t as soul twisting as The Alpha Heir. But still, I almost shattered my Kindle a few times. The emotions are high and there’s parts that literally make you ache. But Victoria always pushes the depths of every emotion in all her books.

This one is an MPreg, like book one, and there’s such a twisted situation going on for Cashel in this story. The life he’s led that brought him face to face with Justice. Cashel’s father wins worst parent in all of everything. I wanted him to die a billion times. He was never going to be a redeemable character and you are supposed to hate him. But when you’re reading a parent that is awful there’s a lingering hope in every reader that it will be made right…. Nope not here folks feel free to let your hate flag fly with this monster.

Justice, though he irritated me a couple times with his doubting Cashel, he truly IS justice. His name is his birthright in a sense. He’s strength and power and righteousness. And even though I got frustrated with him a few times he was everything Cashel needed.

This story has twists, turns, shocks, and awes! It really gets you in all the feels and reminds us how talented Victoria Sue is.

I absolutely recommend this book and series.


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  1. I am a big fan of Victoria Sue! Thanks for the review!

  2. Best books read in September? I read a lot of ARCs and several of them didn't come out until October (including The Alpha Prince, which was wonderful). Of the ones I read that were released in September Two were by A.M. Arthur in her Breaking Free series (non-shifter Omegaverse) and they are fantastic. I also read a great hockey M/M romance by RJ Scott and V.L. Locey called First Season.

  3. Thanks for the great review! I love this series too. One of my favs and I read each new book as it comes out.

  4. I'm autumn (so basically Sept-Oct) I'm actually more into non-fiction for some reason. Right now I'm reading a book on local mysteries, including some UFO sightings... quite silly stuff, really.