Friday, October 6, 2017

Flashback Friday: Chase The Storm by V.M. Waitt #Review #Giveaway

Author: V.M. Waitt
Book: Chase the Storm
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas
Release Date: May 13, 2013
Length: 210 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


Up until he buys an old truck, Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan, never feeling like he belongs. Desperate to find his own path, he heads out on the open road, only to end up stranded in Nebraska. Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help, he takes a job with tough, independent farmer Chase McKenzie.

Despite their age gap, the attraction between Chase and Elijah soon becomes undeniable. They give in to their desire, but that night changes everything and threatens the secret Chase guards so carefully.

As the summer heats up, so does their relationship. When autumn arrives, Elijah is due back at college, and he’ll have to choose whether to continue his education and follow in his family’s footsteps… or to stay in Nebraska with the man he loves.

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When I was asked what book I was doing for my Flashback Friday on Diverse Reader this was the first book that came to mind. At the time of reading, four years ago, I hadn’t taken the time to write a review, so this was my opportunity to express what this story, by an otherwise unknown author, gave to me.

There was so much emotion in this story that even reading it a second time through in preparation for writing my review it caught and held my attention.  There was this push and pull between the two main characters that was off the charts and created such a slow burn romance that the pages were freaking sizzling if you ask me. I love the push and pull, the fight between two men, so opposite of each other that it gives way for them to get outside their boxes. To learn. And isn’t that one aspect of romance and relationships we can all agree on, that we learn from the other person?

Chase is a cowboy all the way through. He’s gruff and grieving and hiding a secret. And man, watching Chase grieve over his loss after all those years was heartbreaking. Holding onto material things as though it was the person he lost had me wanting for him to heal more than anything.

Elijah was a young guy needing an escape from the life his parents wanted him to have and naive to the life that he was stepping into when he took a job to help pay for his broken truck. But it was one that he fell in love with. Watching him learn and change over the course of the summer was what I love about reading. New experiences giving way to a new life, a new way of thinking.

I hated parts of it because it hurt my heart but I also loved those parts because of what they represented to the characters. The age gap in this story plays a big part, one that they both have to work around but for different reasons. This is one of those emotional stories that sticks with you, holds your heart in its hand while you're reading it, and gives it back even more full than when you started the journey. Please give this a read if you haven’t already. You will NOT regret it. Four years later it still sits in my heart as one of my favorites.


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